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State Champs

November 6, 2007
By Anonymous

On a cool Saturday morning right in the middle of
fall. The sidelines of the soccer field packed with
fold out lawn chairs and anxious parents. The referee
sets the ball down in the center circle. He touches
the whistle to his lips and the game begins. Twelve
little four year olds all lined up, tuck in their
jerseys, smile at their moms, and storm at the ball,
running all clumped together like a bunch of tornados.
Shins, feet, grass, and dirt are mainly being kicked
with minimal ball touches. As the ball jets around off
shin to shin like a pin ball game, the ball suddenly
smacks off the shin of who else number two Nate
Fisher. The crowd goes wild while players hand out
well deserved high fives. At the time I didn’t
understand, but I later came to realize that this will
be the beginning of a wonderful ride.

“Boys, get in the car, we’re going to be late for
practice.” Mom said. Multiply that quote by
four-thousand and that will sum up my soccer career
from kindergarten until eighth grade. In those years
I always wore the same jersey, a hideous yellow jersey
with a two on the back. About to pass out on the field
I also heard the same coach yelling “Fish get back on
defense.” I knew that high school soccer was going be
a change for me since I played on the same team my
whole life. Going to Northwest games growing up I knew
I would become a Husky someday, looking up to players
like Ryan Kaufman and Matt Havens. When the year
finally came for me to go to high school, I was ready.
Freshman year little four foot eleven inch Nate Fisher
comes out ready to rumble, ready to make a name for
himself. As he builds his way up the totem pole, it
comes junior year the confident and distinguished
player finally gets what he came for, a spot on
varsity. Up until then that’s the happiest day of Nate
Fisher’s soccer career, but little did he know
what accomplishments lay ahead. On a cool Saturday
morning right in the middle of
fall. The Blue Valley Northwest DAC is full to the
top. You can’t see an empty seat in the house; fans
lined up on the fence behind the players just wanting
to get
a look at the 2006 state Championship. As four
thousand people looked on from the stands, the referee
Places the ball right in the center of the flawless
field. The ball gets knocked around from player to
player with confidence and urgency. As the game goes
on the tension builds, I could feel the end nearing.
Ten, nine, eight the ball gets franticly kicked
around. Seven, six, five, four the ball gets blasted
in to the crowd. Three, two, one it’s all over it’s
all over. As I run around with my arms raised and
yelling, I take one large leap into the pile of
Northwest soccer players. We won the 2006 6A State

Winning state is the topping on the cake for my
soccer accomplishments. I see it as a reward for all
the hard work and countless hours put in. Soccer plays
an enormous role in my life and I cannot imagine my
life with out the game. I’ve met so many incredible
coaches, friends, teammates, and people that love the
sport as much as I do. I hope soccer’s a part of my
life for the rest of my life. When I get old and can’t
play any longer, I will coach, to pass the sport on to
a kid that will be sitting on his computer writing
this same paper because they love this sport as much
as I do.

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