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Enlightening Your Mind MAG

By Anonymous

     Instead of working out at the gym, many have started to practice yoga. Yoga is proven to have many benefits, and doesn’t have to be hard.

Many studies have shown that yoga relieves stress. When I’m doing yoga, so much of my focus goes into getting the pose right and my breathing that everything that has been troubling me escapes my mind.

Even the simplest poses will increase your strength and flexibility. Practicing yoga every day is as good as going to the gym and working out. Another plus is that you don’t have to buy any equipment other than a yoga mat. No fancy machines or sneakers are needed.

Yoga is an activity that can be done by almost anyone. I only recently started, and it’s great. I wasn’t able to do certain poses in the beginning, but now I can do them with ease. Doing yoga gives you energy. Even one 30- to 60-minute session will leave you refreshed and exercised. It will also help you be more spiritual and conscious of your body.

Yoga is calming and good for your soul. So, whether you are a man or woman, a kid or adult, and whether you want to relax or exercise, yoga is great for you and worth a try!

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