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My Natural High

May 2, 2008
By Anonymous

What is my natural high? That’s easy, my natural high is baseball. I love playing baseball and watching it too. I go to professional games and watch them on T.V. as well. When I get on that baseball diamond my whole attitude changes and I am pumped up. I get a lot more focused and I am a lot more serious. I always try my very best at playing and being a team leader. For example I just had a game recently where I was one of the only one of my teammates trying their very best throughout the whole game. As a result I did the best on the whole team and it was one of my best games. We lost that game, but I still had a great time. I always try to have a good time, even when I am not doing so well. This is because if one player on the team is down (especially the one that tries to stay positive the whole time) then the rest of the team gets down. I have seen this from experience. One kid on my team from a while ago, thought we were going to lose because we were down by three with only one inning left so he just stopped trying. As a result the kid next to him stopped trying and then the one next to him stopped and so on. We got two outs and then I was up. I hit a triple and started a rally. Then the first kid who stopped trying was up. But he was so out of it before that even though he wanted to try hard again and do well, he couldn’t. Playing baseball is not just a fun game for me either. It is a time that I can blow off some stress and forget about all the other things in the world for about two hours. I don’t have to think about what I am doing after the game, or what my homework was, or anything. For the two hours I am there, there is nothing on my mind besides playing baseball. In conclusion, I strongly suggest to everybody that reads this to get into sports or take up a hobby, because you never know how much you will like it.

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