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Nature's Gift

January 13, 2010
By life_of_a_leaf PLATINUM, Morris Plains, New Jersey
life_of_a_leaf PLATINUM, Morris Plains, New Jersey
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Nature is all around us. Trees, water, even you are a part of nature.
I was about 9 years old, the last time I went camping in the summer. My family and I went with friends to a wonderful campsite on a mountain. Right next to the mountain is a huge, magnificent lake. Also, there is a cold, long river, and a whole section of trees.

This place is just like a wildlife preserve that sometimes has wildfires. There are many kinds of animals strolling around in the woods, like enormous bears and tiny squirrels. If you take a deep breath of fresh air, you can smell a lot of fragrances, such as flowers, food, and freshly-cut grass. You can feel the scorching sun shining down on your skin, once you step out of the shade.

There’s so much humidity in the morning air. When you walk, it feels like going through invisible clouds that make you feel nice and cool.

You can hear birds chirping, laughter, and voices that will go around in your head, over and over again, for the whole day. The sound of swings and splashing and running water makes me joyful, to know someone is having fun just like me.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are just the best parts of camping. We barbecued chicken and beef, and had noodles and sushi to eat. I just love the feeling of soda, juice, or water in my mouth on a hot day.

Going boating on the huge lake is so much fun. You can play in the river, which has freezing water that is very refreshing on a blazing, hot day. The river also has many gray stones in it. They are smooth and rounded, and feel good under my bare feet.
At night, we cuddled up near the cozy campfire. As I looked up into the sky, I saw many beautiful twinkling stars, like tiny diamonds dancing, happily. Also, I saw light colored smoke from the campfire, slowly floating away into the night sky.

As I got tired, I started to walk back to the tent, with my family, where we slept for the night. I slipped into my sleeping bag, feeling the silkiness of it, which made me very comfortable. I drifted of to sleep, but just before that moment, I thought I heard the wind whispering, “Good night.”

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