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Giggling times

August 30, 2009
By Anonymous

You can read them to the class but don’t say who it is.

It’s hard to recall one embarrassing time or for that matter any so I am going to tell you three embarrassing stories of mine. The day before school started I went to the Park Silly Sunday Market and I went to this booth that had beautiful stones and gems in it. The booth even had these cute hanging ornaments that looked like they had taken a while to make so I started to touch them and play around with them. They were hanging up and swaying in the wind. The lady who worked there was smiling at me while I was playing with them when she looked away, it broke off. She looked back and I didn’t want her to know it was broken so I just held it up there like I was still playing with it and some kids were staring at me but I had to get out of there so I just set it down with the kids staring with wide eyes like I had just broken it and I did the very mature thing to do, I ran.

When I was around 8 years old my family had just moved here and didn’t have a house yet so we stayed in the racquet club condos for several months which of course is right next to the golf course so when you’re around eight years of age you cant spend a day staying off of that thing. Everything seems so intriguing when your younger with all of the freshly cut green grass, the white carts zooming around, and the ponds filled with ducks. My story isn’t about the golf course though; it’s about after I had played on it. My story starts off when my brother asked me to play on the golf course with him so we were playing around for at least hours on that thing so after a while I really had to use the bathroom but I didn’t want to disrupt the game so of course I just held it in until my mom yelled out, “Jessie! Your violin teacher Ivy is here!” so I ran back to the house making sure I didn’t go to the bathroom until I had made it safely in the bathroom. I was just next to the condo, almost there! I remember how that sudden urge just stopped and I was totally wet in my jeans, even worse my violin teacher was waiting for me. After a few seconds my mom yelled out the door for me to come in and I said, “Mom, can I have a towel?” by the time I was reasonable enough to go inside my violin teacher was long gone. Luckily she didn’t bring it up the next practice.

When I was in seventh grade one of the first performances I had ever done at the high school was an orchestra concert. Of course it was one of those concerts where almost every kid in Park City was playing so you have about ten minutes of playing time and about 2 hours of waiting. So I rounded up a group of kids and we went exploring. We found this door that said Janitor closet on it so of course we wanted to open it. We were in one of those hallways that is all dark at the end that you might imagine in one of those horror stories. I could feel my fear creeping up on me as we opened the door, there was a staircase inside. As we slowly walked up the dark steps the door ended up taking us to the weight room and the track so of course we played around up there and we even came up with a backup plan in case a janitor came into the room we would say, “we got lost on the way to the bathroom.” Of course eventually we got caught and the janitor told us to go downstairs and he pointed at the staircase then walked away. So we quickly ran down the track to that janitor’s room to go down those steps because it was more fun. But this time we noticed there was a ladder in the janitor’s office that we thought led up to the roof. No one else had the guts to climb up it so I did. I made it to the top but there was a padlock on the hatch so I was about to come back down when the janitor came into the room! He told everyone to get down until he saw them staring up at me so he told me to come get down and said, “What were you doing?”
So I said, “I was lost on my way to the bathroom?”

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