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Let's skip

September 3, 2009
By Anonymous

“Let’s skip next class.” This idea suddenly come into my and friend’s head. It was a summer day so we smelled a little of sweat and deodorant sprays. We took an extra-test so we pretended that test was taken 2 periods and skipped a class. It made us exciting because we longed for skipping like a TV drama or comics. By skipping, we could get special break and we spent the time with talking about teachers, club activities, fashion, and love etc. It was great time for me so I thought “skipping is superb!”

Next day, I had a chance to skip again. I had to take another extra-test. My friend didn’t take it but I had tasted blood so decided to skip alone. After taking test, I remained the classroom and just sit a chair. Of course nobody in the room without me and I stayed among silence. First I enjoyed the silence and cool of the desk I put my face, but gradually I felt boring. “This period is last, so go back home now.” I thought that and started to pack my belongings.

After I got out the classroom, I noticed a big problem. To go out school, I had to through in front of other classrooms. If teachers perceived me with bags, they would think curious why student is walking during class time. I tried to find safe way and walk around in school. However, when I crept a fleshly waxed corridor, I found my math teacher coming toward me. He knew that I skipped class because this period didn’t have any extra-tests. I reversed direction and started to escape him. Fortunately, he seemed that did not notice my figure. It was thrilling escape and I felt that I was a prisoner who runs from a keeper. “I would be caught by him soon.” I decided to hide in bathroom for now.

However, when I felt safe in the girl’s bathroom, suddenly teacher’s calling sounded and he came in there. I really surprised and harden like a stone by my tension. “What are you doing here?” he asked me with disgusting silky voice. His face looked angry Buddha. He was smiling but eyes were like strong wind. In an instant I told a lie and said “My contact lenses’ condition is bad so…” but “What are you doing here?” he asked me again. He got on to my lie and I was scolded. Then, I thought we do not have to skip classes and should keep our duty. Sometimes students long bad and exciting things, but those choices may kill own trust from others. I learned that lesson from this experience.

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