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September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

Keisha is not well known around Elkton. Maybe it's the fact that she is from Poca, West Virginia? That might be it. I got to know her better when her son came for the summer. We became best friends, so I was over there all the time. She interests me so I wanted to interview her about life and her past history.

Keisha graduated from high school in 1988 from Poca, West Virginia.

Keisha was raised in a very strict home. Even though her parents didn't have anything to do wit the military, her grandpa was in the Coast guard. Her grandpa raised her dad to be a strict parent, so it was tough with four sisters and two other brothers.

After high school she didn't have any plans for college, so Keisha got married right away on September 22, 1988. She then had three kids: Brittany, Corey, and Kyle. Then two more a few years later: Dakota and Dillion.

A few years after the kids came, Keisha got a divorce. Things didn't really go her way, so she went into the Military. She wanted to get away so that was the main reason she joined. In the military she went into transportation. Keisha became an E-5 sergeant and an instruction driver. Keisha spent 6½ years in the military. She spent 3 years in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and another 3½ years in Germany.

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