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By Anonymous

   Haveyou ever known someone who changed your life? Or have you ever wished that youcould be exactly like someone else? A person who has made my life worthwhile ismy best friend and boyfriend, Alex. He has given me the confidence to reach forthe stars.

The things Alex has done, and his goals, are not average. Heearns straight A's while participating in football, wrestling andtrack.

His number-one goal in life is to be like his parents. When hegraduates, Alex plans to go to the Air Force Academy to be the best that he canbe. Although these qualities are quite impressive, there is one thing above allelse that I admire. When Alex was three years old, his father passed away. Still,Alex has grown up to be the most mature and kind gentleman I have ever known. Heis always there for his mother and younger brother, whether it's cheering hisbrother on at a sporting event, doing household repairs, or carrying in thegroceries for his mother. Alex never does these things out of obligation - caringfor and supporting those he loves is just part of him.

As a campcounselor and babysitter, he has made an impact on the lives of many children.His energy and ability to relate to their world and what matters to them makesAlex special. It is no surprise when he spends a night in the infirmary with anill camper or takes extra care to make a homesick camper feel better.

For the past few years, Alex has played a meaningful role on National AdoptionDay by making a child's big day a memorable event. When an adoption is official,he presents the child to its new family with balloons, a stuffed teddy bear and awarm smile.

Alex has had to go through life without the father headored, which is not easy for anyone. Yet he almost never complains aboutanything. Sure, there's the occasional football practice that he doesn't want toattend, but he always shows up. He is striving to be the best that he can be, butin my eyes and heart, he is already there.

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