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An Inspiration

March 24, 2008
By Anonymous

It was a cold December morning and as i stare out the window of this ice cube (which is also known as the school bus), the bus stops at a house that it has never stopped at before. A blonde girl walks down the aisle and sits next to me. At first I thought that she was a little weird and she didn't seem like she was very nice. I learned very soon how wrong I really was.
Amanda and I quickly became very good friends. She went to the same church as me and we rode the same bus together for about four years. We never really hung out outside of school and we were friends with different crowds of people. We participated in different sports, I was involved in cheerleading and she was involved in basketball and softball. Then there was the day I asked her about her dad; we would talk about our mothers and siblings, but I never really knew anything about her dad. That is when she told me about her dad dying of cancer when she was younger. I never really understood how hard that must have been for her and how she felt. All I knew was that cancer was defiantly a touchy subject.
Amanda was the oldest of four children and the only girl. She always knew how to make me laugh. And we talked about absolutely everything, like heartbreaks, boys, and backstabbing friends. Then another big part of her life changed, her mom decided to marry another man. She hated the idea of replacing her father with this guy she barely knew and defiantly did not want to know. But out of this she got a baby sister and probably the cutest living thing you would ever see.
Things were starting to get back to normal and she found a guy, Chris, who is amazing. He treats her like she is the world. They were perfect for each other, and then cancer struck again. Chris found out that he had bone cancer. Amanda hates talking about this awful disease and I can understand that. I want to be there for her all the time because I love this girl like she is my own blood, but I just don't really know how. Amanda is amazing and she is one of the best friends that I have ever had. But the thing that just baffles and amazes me is that Amanda, even after all that she has had to go through, comes to school and puts a smile on her face. This inspires me in many ways and to think if I am having a bad day and want to give up Amanda is their... smiling.

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