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Fr. Mike

November 18, 2019
By Anonymous

Fr. Mike 

When people say they appreciate their priest it’s because of the religious connection between the priest, God and themselves. But I can’t say that about Father Mike. When I attend church it’s most likely because my mom is going which means I go to. If you see me there I’m not really paying attention.

I first met Fr. Mike before I started Junior Kindergarten (before I was four). He was just starting as a priest at St. Joan of Arc. I remember going to the Friday morning Masses with my mom. All grades at St. Joan of Arc would attend and I would be excited for mass to end and say hi to Father Mike, knowing I might get candy from his office. 

    Then came fifth grade, and Fr. Mike was my religion teacher. Fr. Mike was my favorite teacher even though the topics he covered weren’t the most intriguing. He had a connection with the students that most teachers and priests don’t have with teens and or kids. 

Before heading into his class, students would ask to do mail. Doing mail meant you would leave class early to get the mail, get candy, have him sort through the mail, then grab more candy, and show up to the next class five minutes late. We loved getting candy and showing up to class late because we knew the next teacher couldn’t yell at us for being late.

    Last June, was confirmation for me and my classmates. Most would say Confirmation is one of the most important Sacraments to receive in the Catholic church. During the mass, it was to the point where everyone was in line to get to the Bishop. My brother was my sponsor because I get along well with him and didn’t want to choose anybody else. One of my friends and his brother were right in front of us and we were kind of talking and laughing and the man helping the Bishop with the mass came over and yelled at us. I don’t know how, but Fr. Mike didn’t notice. I was just about to go and Fr. Mike was right next to the Bishop. We made eye contact and then he winked at me;he then showed he was excited for me and made the situation a lot more comfortable. During the confrontation with the Bishop he was smiling and that showed he was proud of me. 

    Even though I don’t pay much attention at church, I will still see Fr. Mike weekly at Sunday masses and we sometimes talk after mass depending on how long I stay and if I have to go home with my mom because she stays at church to sell script. 

    Fr. Mike is a priest, teacher, friend, and he will always be there for me.

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