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My Brothers

March 31, 2008
By Anonymous

They are the ones that are always there for me. As I fall they are right there to pick me up and get me back up on my feet. They are the ones that I can trust and who I always will trust. We may have different views on many things but we still appreciate our differences.

They challenge me to go the extra step and not to give up if I don’t get it the first time. I would have made many wrong turns if they weren’t there to turn me around and get me steering straight again.

Even if I have to do something extra just to see them I will, even if I have to climb a mountain I would do it. It would be so worth it to overcome the greatest obstacle just to see them and for them to know that I am there watching every step they take.

If they decide to make bad choices I will be there for them to let them know they have someone who will always be there for them when they need the help. When they make a bad choice they will make sure I don’t do the same.

When they come to me with a problem, they know that I will be there to listen. They trust me with every word they say. I do the same with them and know that we will help each other with our problems. We always work together and overcome everything that we face.

As many people may see them as two teens I see them as two amazing men who have done so much and still will do so much for everyone. I know that they don’t do everything for their own benefit they do it for others. They volunteer at many shelters and have met many people and always hope they will move on and be successful just like they will be.

Knowing that someone is there to protect you everyday is special to me. I know that they are always thinking and making sure that I am safe and happy. They make sure that I am safe and I do the same for them. We will always care and protect each other through every step in life. As we grow old, we will be together and always remember each other, even if we have a disagreement.

Seeing them grow up is amazing, when they are up accepting their achievement they look and see me sitting there with a huge smile on my face so proud of them every time. They have done so much and it has been amazing seeing them change and grow older. They are so active with everything they do and they are proud to be doing it.

As life goes on I realize they won’t be there every step I take, they will move on and be successful themselves and when they turn around they will see me…
Their Sister

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