April 21, 2021
By Alexacreativeinspiring1 BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
Alexacreativeinspiring1 BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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Sometimes you just got to live life because there is always going to be more time than life.

Covid? what is this? Why me? Why us? It was the beginning of covid and I had so many questions. The days felt like the same thing over and over again until my life changed due to something I had never thought about. (My life starts like this) one day I was walking thinking about my birthday coming up knowing I couldn't do anything to celebrate it. I walked with only shadows following me. It was a sunny scorching day and I was feeling light-headed when I saw something right out of the corner of my eye to my affair I saw a cat, I didn't really care life was hard enough already. Some days went by and I saw the same cat at the same pole every single day I started to wonder if she had food, place to live, or anybody to care for her. Some days after that I asked my dad if I could buy cat food he said "what for" then I explained about the cat that no one ever paid attention to he wasn't positive about this but he agreed with patience and determination I teached her how to walk for treats and I teached her how to be the best cat anyone could ever want. And then I started to have a lot of nausea every day it was awful I could never eat a complete meal without it I would have to shove and  shove in food quick than water. I fought and fought till I won that battle. I had to become that warrior I never thought I would be and that warrior is still in me fighting that battle until today but I could never have done it without Oreo my cat. Oreo is what I named that lonely cat. She has been there since day one bringing me company. The days where I felt most vulnerable she was at my side bringing company and making me feel loved not alone. I can't thank her enough for being there for me every day of course her life is as hard as it is for me. But how bad can nausea be? Is it as bad for all as it is for me? Can I live a normal life? Well let me tell you that I am no doctor but I do know that everybody goes through something in life and I truly think that we should say openly not keep it in because when you keep it to yourself it feels like an eternity. For me whom I am an only child life is sometimes pretty lonely a cat  helped my life a hundred out of a hundred. Sometimes you have no one to talk to and no one who listens. In my life my cat made the miracle I mean she's not a God but she made me the happiest person possible and that's a miracle to me. Then I started to have a little bit of dizziness. who knows why, no one does. But as a warrior I went in again, I rewrote my story. The same was with nausea but instead it was dizziness. This was no longer a challenge for me it was like a story just going over again.  I had to fight I couldn't just be there being lazy and not doing anything. I had to fight , I did and now I'm feeling fine. I do still have to do those challenges. I have to go through them but I feel better than the beginning and it's all thank you to my perseverance and my love and living in this world. But what about me do I need siblings? No I don't I have a cat who is always at my side. She's there when I feel sad, she's there to cry with me, she's there to cuddle me when I know I'm feeling sick, and that is truly something I would recommend for people like me. I feel happy because a pet to me is so incredible that I can explain how much I feel happy it's a sensation that every only child wants to feel and I bet a dog is the same. But my cat came with another story she was lonely and she was abandoned and she found me a lonely person to but I wasn't abandoned, I wasn't but I was abandoned in my heart because I had no one no one to talk to and I love her because I can tell her anything I want and she just sits there at my side she makes me laugh but most importantly she listens. But it also makes me feel happier being with her because she distracts me from my sickness, from my mind, from what I feel, it makes me feel different, and makes me feel alive and that is what I think of a cat. She's just everything the emotions are endless. And everyday is an adventure that awaits for both of us and I no longer have a lonely heart because with her I found company. With her I found everything that I would have ever wanted. When I used to live in another house I also meet five adorable cats a family but they weren't a special to me they never went into my heart into the deepness of me they never make me happy well they did but,  (did I ever feel that connection?), no I didn't. But now I see cats another way I don't just see them as cats. I see them as a person to me like someone who really cares about me any problem I have their I am and I just can't believe that it's been a year now a year of Covid, a year with my cat, it's been a year of adventures, and a year that I had to clean up her messes, and take care of her, buy her food, take her out for a walk, but it's just amazing I mean sometimes I do fight with her but still playful it's so nice it's like I have a sibling but it's in my own world. It's someone who doesn't make you sad, who doesn't want to hurt you. It's like a person who just listens and who just is there and that's amazing for me and that is what life is for me right now. And why I'm writing this is because I want people to listen to open their hearts. I want people to know that there is always going to be someone. Someone who loves them no matter if you think they don't. No matter if you think no one is there someone is going to be there in their life so never give up because that someone is coming and that person or pet or anything is going to come and help you out in the best way possible. And this is the point, the point is for us to live covid-19 together it doesn't matter what we do covid will be in the past but we have to stay strong and stay together not let our fears and everything that we feel make us want to give up on life. We have to live openly. We have to tell people what we feel,our emotions. We can't just let them stalk us all day long so this is why I'm here, this is why we are here we are here to be warriors for our life and this was my story. what is yours?

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This is a real life story on covid.

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