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Save our Planet

October 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Saving the environment is important. Do you know why? If we don't stop global warming and pollution now than our children, or our children's children, won't have a clean healthy planet to live on. People in today’s society are so concerned with their own petty issues that they don’t stop to think how what they do will affect people for years to come. If we don’t act now than it will be too late. We have to find new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We can’t constantly be buying new things when our old stuff has a smudge.

Littering is killing our planet as well. People are so lazy that they cannot move their butt to the nearest trash can to throw something away. Guess what? That piece of trash that person didn’t throw away went down a storm drain somewhere. Do you know where all drains lead? The ocean. Some fish is probably choking on some old wrapper or something right now. It sickens me that we are so careless as to only consider ourselves.
We buy violent video games for our children thinking that it will not affect them. When they grow up they will be another war mongrel in today’s society. War only causes more pollution into the atmosphere and costs our government billions of dollars that we could be using for something good. We could be using that money to get our citizens of the streets or to find different ways to help the world or for cancer research, stem cell research, etc…
Our air is so filthy and dirty compared to how it was. 50 years ago it was very rare for a child to have asthma, now it’s the leading cause in child illnesses. Our air is so filthy that we have toxic rain. Again 50 years ago they didn’t even know what toxic rain was. As water evaporates it is mixed with toxic gases in the atmosphere and is rained down as all this toxic liquid that wouldn’t be there if we just cared for our planet.
Cars are another reason that our planet is so polluted. Cars produce carbon monoxide which also kills around 30,000 people a year. Cars produce other gases, incomplete combustion, that haven’t finished burning and deteriorated. These gases are put into our atmosphere and trapped. Our ozone layer is deteriorating at a tremendous speed. If our ozone layer is completely gone the UV rays from the sun will get into our atmosphere and we will all get cancer, since cancer is caused by these rays. Also, gamma rays from other stars and hotspots will enter our atmosphere and kill all of our cells. Gamma rays are the rays that they use to kill cancerous cells in the body. If people would just get on the public bus or ride a bike it would make that much of a difference.
Another thing that is deteriorating our ozone layer is massive companies and factories. They put off so much pollution into the atmosphere. Factories in China make the shy so polluted that the sky is yellow and when the sun sets it is neon.
Our population has grown so much that we barely have enough room to put ourselves. If everyone in the world throws a piece of trash on the ground yearly that’s 6 to 7 billion pieces of trash a year. If Central Park wasn’t in the middle of New York than all the people who lived there would suffocate. We have built developments that remove places where forests used to grow. Without forests and plants than we would not be alive today. People are so ignorant that they do not see the importance of plants. It amazes me that people lived on our planet for some billion years and we have mad it this much worse in 50.
Water is now chlorinated because it is not clean enough to drink. Just 40 years ago you could go drink out of a stream and think nothing of it. Drinking out of a stream without a filter nowadays is practically suicide. Our water is so filthy that the fish have not been able to strive the way they used to. Our marine life has gone down in numbers dramatically and you find trash just walking on a beach.
Cigarettes, believe it or not, are also killing our atmosphere. If you go out on the streets downtown you will fins cigarettes, yes? Cigarettes produce mountains of toxic gases that are put into our atmosphere. Cigarettes are also washed down storm drains and into the ocean where a couple of fish probably die because of it.
Nuclear weapons are one of the most horrible thing is existence. Not only because they are so deadly but also because we might not ever be able to walk on that part of the Earth again. It could blow the ozone layer above where the nuclear weapon landed and it could kill every trace of life within miles of the source. We do not know what could happen so we do not know better than to have one “just in case”.
Overall our society is so benighted that we never think twice, or think about the consequences, of our actions. I wish that the world we live in did not have to be so polluted. If everyone in the world would help to make a difference than our world would be a much better place. I’m positively sick of people only worrying about themselves. At one point our planet will come to an end, pray it not be any sooner than need be. Think of everyone else and what they deserve as human beings. We are all equal and should all have rights to a clean healthy home. Don’t let yourself be a source of pollution, help save our planet.

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