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Global Warming Speech

March 12, 2008
By Anonymous

For many years, we the people of this earth has been using all the dangerous things that our lives let us do. The things we the people have been doing, can be considered a crime against nature. We are destroying the land that was for us, and we haven’t been debating whether to do something or not! We have waited till last minuet to try to stop this terrible thing.

Our fathers father, has been doing things that nature was not made to withstand! Our fathers drove the old muscle cars and so forth, but that is a thing of the past now! There is nothing that can be done to what has already occurred! It is not until the last minuet that we started debating to doing something. The climate on earth as already changed so dramatically, that almost all the ice in the north has melted, and which causes the ocean temperature to rise!

If every individual would stop trying to help the environment, such as their greenhouses, all the gas saving cars not used! If it all stops, the ocean level would rise 3-4 feet, which would but many mayor cities under water. Such as New York, Hong Kong, New Orleans, Boston, Stockholm, Venice, etc. If the ocean rose 3-4 feet, every thing along the coast, and a few miles inland, would loose their homes, and would be forced to moved inland! If that would occur, most mayor cities would be over crowded, the minor cities, would double, etc.

We the people of this earth, has taken the land that was given to us for granted. The land that was given to us, was not made to except the things that we have created. Such as the cars, the boats, the planes, and the factories. If our fathers had considered that what they were doing was destroying our land, they would have at least been able to slow the process of global warming down. Now, we in the 21st century has to take all the responsibility for the Global Warming process. It is our duty and responsibility to take actions to slow down the Global Warming process.

If each individual will help to make an effort to save our planet, they need to drive there cars less, and ride their bikes more! If every individual could open a greenhouse or plant some more plants in their yard, it would help the environment a lot! The government is trying their best to slow it down. In 2006, the government passed the clean air act, which states that all new cars and trucks that are made after 2012, has to have a MPG of 35 or higher. The government is hoping that this will help slow the process down, and hopefully, it will make a big difference.

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