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To Change the World

February 7, 2008
By Anonymous

The average person everyday causes damage to the planet with out ever finding out they did. The main reason that people cause harm to the planet is because they don’t know what they can do to help it. To make my planet a better, cleaner, and healthier environment I have developed some skills. The three main skills I learned to keep a healthy environment are to recycle paper, drive a hybrid car, and energy reduction.

The first step to a cleaner environment is recycling anything that could be reused again. One example is recycling your paper. A lot of the wasting of paper comes from the kids in the schools. Schools around the state have started putting out recycle bins to put your used paper in. The main thing that comes from not recycling your paper is that the trees of the rainforest are being chopped down for the paper consumption of schools. Without the trees the planet will not have any oxygen and all life will slowly disappear. Recycling paper is a major way to keep the planet safe.

The gas that comes out of the big diesel cars causes our air to become extremely polluted. This can affect the planet in many different ways that are harmful to the environment. One way that this is harmful is the toxic gases can eat away at the atmosphere causing the o-zone layer to disappear. The other way it is harmful to the environment is the birds can die from the toxic gases in the air. The only thing you can do to help prevent this is to persuade your parents to drive hybrid cars. The half energy half gas car causes there to be less pollution in the air to help keep our atmosphere lasting long after we leave.

The one thing that I can relate to the most is the energy reduction. The most common reason for the energy level to be so high is because people leaving lights on or leaving their computers on. The lights’ being left on causes u to waste energy and causes a pollution problem because the light bulbs run out faster than they would if you turned them off. One way to cause the energy level to go down is to use solar panel things instead of outlet plugged objects.

By using the three steps I explained our planet can definitely become a better and cleaner place to live. All in all, the three main skills I learned to keep a healthy environment are to recycle paper, drive a hybrid car, and energy reduction. I can relate to the problem in saying that I need to do more things to help my environment. I would challenge you the reader to look at what you have done to help the environment. You might see that you haven’t done what you can to help the environment, but is it not too late.

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