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Forest Destruction Crisis

October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

It may take a box of matches to start a campfire, but a single match could set the forests blazing. Thousands of tons of paper are wasted every year for nothing. What about the loggers and lumberjacks carelessly cutting down our trees? The point of this essay is to argue that keeping our forests safe and protected is key to keeping our forests healthy and large. If you wish to support this or learn more, read on.
To start off, I would like to discuss fire restrictions. Idaho has been experiencing quite a few fires lately, and if this continues then our forests will die. I realize that there have been quite a few fire bands lately, but when the fires do stop we don’t want to let campers light up the forests again. Burning down trees causes smoke and less oxygen goes into the air. We should try to re-plant at least as many trees that burned down.

Secondly, the aforementioned topic of planting

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