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Where are the problems coming from?

October 22, 2007
By Anonymous

One might assume that the humans are to blame for all the global warming and the effects that go along with it. Of course it is the responsibility and the duty of the politicians to save the environment, because they are the ones who have more power than an individual or group. In my opinion, these types of assumptions are in fact untrue and really one must be active if he wants to change the environment, both physically and politically.

The basic factors contributing to global warming and the other problems relating to the environment originate from pollution and overpopulation. These factors cause destruction of the environment, acid rain, changes in weather patterns, a rise in sea levels, depletion of resources and extinction of animals. Many speakers publicized that we should focus on these issues, such as the famous Al Gore and his movie An Inconvenient Truth.

The causes of global warming are much deeper than an institution dumping of radioactive material into the woods and thus causing animal death and contamination, if the problems were so simplistic we would never have the problem of global warming. The real causes of global warming are as follows: Use of gasoline for transportation of goods, drastic increase in use of airplanes and private jets, and that people just live longer due to better healthcare and medication.

The solutions that we must undertake are more daunting than the actual problem in my opinion. First off the problem with using trucks for transportation of goods cross country is extremely inefficient. If instead we decided to use trains we would emit much less carbon dioxide and we can carry a bigger load, since one truck can carry one load and one train can carry five hundred loads. We also won’t have to build a lot of railroads because most were already built during the Industrial Revolution and the Gilded Age. The other problem that we need to cure is the overuse of the airplanes. An airplane has actual effects on weather, but it didn’t really matter in the past because people used railroads and ships. Now the populace’s preferred medium for travel is by air. This causes severe weather changes and the byproduct is global warming. The way we can fix this is to use airplanes only when we are traveling to a different continent and every other time use trains and ships for cross country.
Contrary to what most people believe, overpopulation is curable. I believe that the solution would be to spread out the population not only on land but also in the oceans and the moon. Even though people might think these ideas to be obscured multimillionaires and billionaires are investing huge sums of money to building beautiful underwater structures and also creating a livable place on the moon.

Global warming is a complex problem and is very hard to eradicate especially when we have no honest “green” politicians in our current society that have a lot of power. Al Gore condemns the people who cause pollution, but oddly he uses a private jet for transportation, rather then using public airplanes to limit carbon dioxide omission. Al Gore also lives in a mansion, which gives off the same global warming effects as a few apartments. It is well known that the best way to have people not agree with you is to NOT lead through example. Of course all this doesn’t mean that we have no hope of overcoming global warming, it just means we need to find new ways through science, such as the current, ongoing experiment which uses different types algae instead of petroleum for fuel to see which works best and is the most efficient.

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