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The best way to save the life supporters (Trees)

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

The trees are the life supporters that are very beautiful and give the world color. The best way to manage ID forests is to protect wild life. Peter F. once said “To make knowledge productive, we will have to learn to see both forest and tree. We will have to learn to connect. Without forests, we are all dead.” First to make sure that we keep our forests from extinction like the rainforests is to make trails so bikers will stay on trails and set up more rangers around every turn. I would post a no hunting law in the rainforest for protection and signs for bulldozers to make sure not anymore of the rainforest will disappear to extinction. The more we kill trees the more money it takes to put up houses.
If we put fencing around the rainforest, well it won’t work the bulldozers will just run right over it and crush them to woodchips. There should be no littering ever; I mean we already have the green house affect we don’t need to make polar bears extinct and paper is a big waste as well some people won’t agree with me but I don’t care, let them think what they want to think and let them watch the world come to a disaster because of them.
We need make a law to limit log cutting like this rule; cut 1, plant 1. We need no livestock in any parks or forests because they will just run through and ruin the places. my English teacher, he hates handing out paper but the other English teacher has handed out at least 14-16 pieces of paper out to everyone so that’s like 250 pieces of paper! We also need more colorful trees in the parks, more colorful trees, the more of a chance to have a better world.

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