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My Happy Place

December 4, 2007
By Anonymous

A place were I could be happy and admit my lies, fears, and upsets to the world. I like to call it my happy place. My happy place would have to be up at Gore Pass. In the dark timber of those mountains. No one around, just me and my dog. I would just want it to be me and her because of a few reasons like shes my best friend, and i am to her. But just me and her because it gives me a sense of peace and happiness. It also gives me the sense of maturity. The only sounds I want to her there is my dog chewing branches next to me ,and snapping them as she toys with them like they were twigs and the wind blowing through the trees and brushing the tree tops like wind over the organ pipes, and the birds singing and the squirrels talking to each other as the chase each other around in the tree above. I want to smell evergreen, the same evergreen smell that i remember as a kid the first time I woke up from a nap under a big pine tree hunting. That feeling is a feeling that i will remember for a long time. I remember everything like I had a highiend sense of things. Smells, sights, sounds, and thoughts. As you wake up you look around forgetting how and why you were there. Feeling as though you slept for years, and as you continue to lie there you begin to wonder how long you were asleep. Minutes? Hours? Days? Years? I want to feel the slight breeze blow across my arm, the wind in my hair. As i stand on top of a rock looking through the trees, with my dog zeroing in on that pesky squirrels before she pursues. As I stand before the world alone it really makes me think of all the little things, and as i think of them i realize there all that matters.

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