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No One Stands MAG

By Anonymous

At a table of marble stone
sit the men of Ice and Bone
Who say what they do is right
to break the creed in honest sight
who slaughter lumber hand in hand
to meet low costs
to fill demand
Who rape this land of right and well
To determine what on earth to sell
Monopolizing the retail stream
and shattering the American Dream
To hire migrants who have no cash
to drive the cost down deep as ash
in the fires of success
To help consumers buy what’s best
But no one stands to resist
Low prices from a devil’s fist
’cause they get all that they want
In one trip and half the cost
Meanwhile men sit and grin
and gaze upon their world of sin
They’ll never fall, they’ll never quit
They’ll smoke cigars and speak legit
We’ll never win, we’ll never succeed
’cause America’s back is stupidity and greed

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i love this so much!