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Cutting Pollution with Workout Power Plants

February 26, 2008
By Anonymous

A large sized chimney in the distance expelled large, un-fragrant billows of smoke into the air of the smoggy city. No, it wasn’t just any chimney. This was the chimney of the coal-powered plant, which supplied electricity for the whole region. Not to far from there, another building attracted the keen viewer’s eye. It seemed to encompass great popularity, as many people were coming in and out. A huge, glowing sign above the entrance indicated that this was a fitness center. A group of people of all shapes and sizes just stepped in, fleeing from the today’s dose of acid precipitation that was coming down in a light drizzle. They were clearly ready to lose their dose of today’s excess calories.
But who said that that group of people couldn’t be generating all the extra energy that they would like to lose, to power regular household appliances? If enough people joined in, there would be enough electricity to put a cork into all those coal power plant chimneys, for once and for all.

When you walk into one of those fancy fitness centers, think of all the potential electricity that we are not using. Not only are we not using it, but we are wasting it by powering un-energy efficient machines. Let’s invert the way the energy is flowing. Instead of into the machines, why not out of them?
Clearly, for those interested in fitness, there is no better option than losing weight, and saving the environment at the same time. If a healthy person pedaling a bike can generate about 200W for and hour before becoming exhausted, then a whole workout room worth of people could probably power several households. All coal-powered plants would rapidly close, and we would have a new, clean, safe source of energy. So what beats the great feeling that overwhelms most people after exercising at a gym? Probably the feeling that they have exercised, and done something good for the environment at the same time.

If all goes well, workout power plants will be doing much more than just cutting pollution. If you look at all the food that those people in there are consuming, it should give you the shivers. Consider for example, all of the chemicals and leftover pesticides in the energy bar that the lady beside you is chomping down. Why not try something new? Why not serve organically grown fruits, vegetables, even organic energy bars and energy drinks. With this, we would be reducing the amount of pesticides, which are poured onto our North American soils and into our lakes and rivers every year. These strong chemicals are responsible for the loss of numerous populations of animals, and probably more to come.

By cutting pollution, there would be much less problems to worry about. No acid rain will ever destroy any human for animal habitat. No pesticide residue would cause our illness and the death of animals. Less obesity would mean no trouble getting into those triple XL jeans. With the new power plants, there won’t be. Working out will be very affordable, possibly even free. Obesity will be cut, just like pesticides, acid rain and especially pollution. Workout power plants are clearly our source of electricity in the future, and there are no downsides to their use. Our planet visibly needs the help of workout power plants. So why not give them a try?

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