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Global Warming Warning

April 17, 2010
By loveisblind GOLD, Tenino, Washington
loveisblind GOLD, Tenino, Washington
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This world, it ends as you believe it to end; yet it'll live on to the actuall end, where then you admit yourself wrong.


The world is falling apart, leaving us a never ending abyss. Why does everyone ignore all the warnings? What did we do to deserve this? Think of all the young kids, singing and calling and pleading and such. What do we have against them that may cause them to never inherit this wonderful earth that has been passed down through never-ending centuries? If they can’t have it because of us, then that is not right.

Hello, is anyone there? If you are reading this, please note that I do not mean for you to take it lightly. If anything should change, it is us. We are responsible for our mistakes, and we shouldn’t leave the mess for our children or great-grandchildren to clean up. This is our house, so why poison it? Do you want to live in a dump?

Life as we know it know may change will change in fact, only if we keep this up. We are cutting down trees for shelter, poisoning the air just so we can get from place to place, and in other words, destroying our earth. Just one degree in temperature change a year can result in a catastrophic event that may be lethal. No, correction will be lethal. This is global warming, this is the planets way of saying help me.

Our beautiful green planet turned into a grey world. Animals are becoming endangered because of us. People are dying because of the lack of trees. Our bodies may adapt to this new, bizarre environment, but there are no guarantees that they will.

Look around, do you see trees; tall and beautiful trees? Real trees, not fake plastic trees. Why mimic trees with fake plastic? This is getting pathetic, people. We are slowly dying, and whether or not you want to do something about it is not up to me. Leave it to us to destroy the world, leave it to us to make fake trees in hopes to pull it off, leave it to us to kill the whole world; knowingly or unknowingly.

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Earth Day is 4-22 this year! PeAcE peoples!
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