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Penguin Adventure

May 1, 2009
By HomerunHitter GOLD, Rockford, Michigan
HomerunHitter GOLD, Rockford, Michigan
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In the afternoon the suns rays were upon. Its rays glitter in the ice. My dark feathers shine at the time. I waddled around. Everything seemed so peaceful. I waddled up a glacier. I dove in. I was falling like a brick. I hit the water at a tremendous amount of speed. At first there was a shock of cold. It was very blurry to see. It was like fog underwater. Eventually my sight cleared. I then fisted the outline of something. Some large group. One large group of fish. I moved like a dart towards it. I had defiantly caught them off guard. At the last second they saw me and quickly scrambled up. I pegged a fish. He tried to fight it, but I had a tough grip on him. I then returned to the surface. The cold wind blew on my feathers. It was the evening and the sun was gone. The sky was as grey as the sea.. The fish was still squirming around. He was squirming as much as a worm. Eventually the fish suffocated. I then started to move toward my nest. White, sparkly flakes started to fall. It seemed to fall harder each moment. I was almost to my nest when the flakes were coming down real hard. I walked on slower. It was rough to stay upright. I was almost there. And I made it. My son and wife were waiting. I gave them the fish and we all enjoyed it. It was really good. We all then fell into a deep, calm sleep

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