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Be Bitter about it. Please.

March 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Be Bitter about it. Please.

The window was rolled down and the fog filled air bombarded my face. The river below us ran fast, ignoring rocky obstacles and fallen tree limbs that stood in its’ path. White foam sprayed up onto the banks and the ground absorbed it like a sponge. Although there was a lack of wildlife it was obvious that the water was filled with life and energy, pushing its’ way through the earth’s crust. Grass rolled along the edges, outlining the crystal blue light.

The car jumped and my view was blocked by an over sized guardrail as we rolled over the crevice that separated the two bits of highway. As we scuttled our way over the man made bridge I continued to gaze out, only to be shut down completely. Bulky metal protruded from the tar, ugly shine that reminded me of the flu. Bolts as big as my wrist stuck out every which way holding the abomination together. Our wheels tumbled over the hard black and yellow circuit and I sat back in my seat.

“When did they build this bridge?”

“What? Oh God, I don’t know, it’s been here forever.”

But that had been a lie. Before this hulk of a highway had been installed there had once been beauty. There had been trees as far as the eye could see that touched the tippy top of the sky. Once in this great land rabbits had run through fields and deer had danced with each other under the bright blue sky. But that sky was now gray with the color of angry business men and oversized vehicles. Those trees were now paper for some pretentiously written sonnet 5 lines long that had been printed centered on its own page. Those animals were hunted down for dinners, making stomachs fat and full with murder.

Here there is a highway. Here there is an industrial machine. Here there is a governmental influence. Here there is loss.

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