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Fire in the Night-1

February 18, 2010
By iKaye BRONZE, Lorette, Other
iKaye BRONZE, Lorette, Other
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Her world was consumed by darkness. Without time to think, without time to react. The nightlight she had just been gazing at vanished as a cover fell over the little eyes, cold hands grabbed her and her mind froze. Roughly being picked up she started to tremble with fear, she could feel her captor was moving, but she wasn’t sure where. Finally she found her voice and started screaming. Her captor let her scream for a little while, before throwing her down onto what she recognized was her couch. It had the same leathery feel. Hands grabbed her arms, pinching so tight she stopped screaming and let out a cry.
Being shook painfully hard a mans voice yelled, “Shut-up! If you want to live, you shut-up!”

She tried to be silent, but the pain searing through her arms as he shook her made her whimper. He eventually stopped and let her sit for a moment before grabbing her around the waist and hoisting her up again, half carrying, half dragging her across the hardwood floor. She heard the slight click of the house door being unlocked, and the cool summer night air surround her gently. He continued to drag her forward through her back yard and when her feet scrapped pavement she knew they had entered the small fenced area of the driveway. She heard the jingle of keys, and a metallic click. She let out a squeal of fear as he picked her up and thrust her into what she guessed was the trunk, and knew she was right when the slam of the door sounded above her. Panicking as the cool air turned musty and stale, her little hands grabbed at the cloth covering the scared face below it. Once off the difference was minimal, no light was available to lend its comforting glow, but she felt as if she wasn’t going to suffocate anymore. But the fear was growing. ‘Where is he? What’s he doing? Why is he doing this?’ Thoughts flew through her mind as she shuffled to a corner, fearing his return. But it was quiet out. Listening carefully, there was no drivers door being opened, no footsteps to be heard. What was he doing?

To long she waited, growing anxious and slowly more and more fearful, never realizing how scared one could ever really get. Where was her family? Were they okay? What had he done to them?
Suddenly she heard the quick pounding of footsteps, a door being cranked open and the engine roar to life. She was unable to stop herself as she crashed to the back of the car, head hitting a large piece of cold metal close to the hatch door. She felt a warmth slowly trail down the side of her face, as a sudden change of direction flew her the other way. She tried to stay alert, to feel and remember every turn that was bound to come, but she slipped from the lonely darkness of the trunk in to a world she could not remember as she lost consciousness, her last memory being a faint wailing sound, and a soft spark of hope hit her heart as she hoped those sirens where coming for her…

The author's comments:
An alternate version of a story I started. I loved the story plot in my head, but it didn't come out right so I'm trying again. Much different.

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