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Two Brothers

February 26, 2009
By Anonymous

In a town called Crank there were two teenage boys that lived in a haunted house and it had a lot of secret passages in the walls and the bookshelves that they had no idea about. They had just moved in about a month ago it was very big well at least it looked like it form the outside of it, it was black and looked kind of like a castle with all of the peaks. One day they went and got something off one of the bookshelves it wouldn't come out so we tried to pull it a little harder and the bookshelves started to open and we decided that we would go and check things out. The youngest of us one was named Clay he was thirteen, he is about five four and, had black hair and, blue eyes his brother was named Billy he was fifteen and, was the Varsity Football QB, he was about six one and, had blonde hair and, blue eyes. What they had found behind this bookshelf was unspeakable; it was like a medieval torture chamber in there, there were signs of dead people and all kinds of blood. It was so odd they wished that they had never lived in that house and planned on telling their mom about all of what they had just seen behind the bookshelves. She had long curly blonde hair and she had blue eyes she was your every day mom so they thought. Their dad had passed on earlier that year in a car accident he hit a tree and went off the side of a cliff and got smashed by a fallen rock and then it caught fire and blew up.

So when their mom got home that night they told their mom what they had seen and where it was but she thought they were just messing around with her and she told that they had wonderful imaginations. They were astonished that their mom wouldn't believe them because she had never told them they were wrong nor had wonderful imaginations before she took a look at what they were talking about. Later that night when she went to sleep they snuck out of their rooms and went looking for more secret passages in the floor and behind bookshelves. They did find another passageway but this time it was in the floor and you will never guess what it was! A library filled with books that were filled with every person in the towns history and background check telling you every thing you could ever imagine about these people. There were also maps of the town and on them there were people's houses and floor plans. We were thinking who ever lived in this house before us had problems and it looked like they were stalkers to us.

After their mom wouldn't listen to them they decided that there was something wrong. So they decided that they would stay in the library and read up on some of these books and try to find out why some one would do have such detailed books on these peoples lives that lived in the town. While they were reading the books and looking at the maps they were taking notes on things that they thought was important. They came across a book that neither one of them could read it seemed to be in some different language. They couldn't figure it out so they went to bed.

The next morning when they woke up they had noticed that their mom wasn't there. They found this kind of odd because she always said that she wouldn't ever leave them at home with out them knowing about it and she never did. They had noticed that things were not the way they always remembered it before they moved into this new town. So they went to the local police station because they wanted to talk to someone about who lived in the house before them and wanted to find out if there were ever any murders that were on record. They found out that there weren't any on record but that some one had reported one a couple of years back but there weren't any leads so they had to close the case. There was a door in the police station that looked kind of weird so they asked the police officer what was behind the door he told them that it was none of there business and that they needed to stop being so noisy. So they went back to their house and figured the reason the case had gotten closed was because the evidence was hidden behind the bookshelves.

A couple of hours later their mom came home and they asked her where she had been. She said that she went to the store to get some bread and some other stuff for dinner but she had just went to the store yesterday and got all the food we needed for the week or so she said any way. We both decided that something had to have happened to our mom because she or who ever that was wasn't acting like our mom. After their mom got back a man that we had never met before rang there door bell. He was very strange but our mom let him in and started talking to him like she had known him her whole life. He started talking to us and asking us about the book with the foreign writing in it. He asked us if we had seen it laying around the house any were and if see it to give it to him because he gave it to the person that had lived there before and he would like to have it back. He told us to ask him a question about him so we asked him what line of work he was in.
He solemnly replied that he was a police officer and we replied, 'Oh really.'
Then he agreed, 'Yeah why?'

We retorted, 'Well we were both wondering what was behind that door in police station by the bathroom.'

After that it got silent and then he bellowed, 'None of your business and you must be the two noisy brats that asked the guy behind the counter the same question today your never going to find out so mind your own business and stay out of my police station.'

That night after that weird guy had left they decided that they were going to brake into the police station and find out what was behind that door because it had to of been something bad or something that no one could find out about. So after we planed every thing out and figured out were they were going to go in at we snuck out of their house and headed to the police station. Once we were there we had to climb through the air duct to get inside. Once inside we found the door it was locked but we had it covered and we picked it we opened the door and we couldn't believe what we saw it was our mom and other people from the town strapped to a chair and they made it to were they couldn't talk but why and who is the lady that is living in our house. After we untied our real mom we asked her why they tied her and all of the other people up and
She muttered, 'That they were trying to make there own government within this town and we are all of the people that threatened to rat them out so he tied us up and put us in here they were killing us off one by one and they put people that looked similar to us in our homes so none of you would know.' Now we have to go to the state house and tell them about all of this.

We made it to the state house and told them what was going on in this little town called crank, they went and arrested all of the people in on it. Sadly there were little kids that didn't have parents anymore because of this scheme and they had to be put into foster homes. After all of this was over we ended up moving again to a bigger city were we knew that there wasn't any secret society's going on. After this we lived our life thankful for every moment of it with our mom. Later on, mom met a boy friend, they got married, and we call him dad now, and it's pretty nice having him around.

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