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letter to James from Melody

February 22, 2011
By Thief_of_your_heart SILVER, Knox, Tennessee
Thief_of_your_heart SILVER, Knox, Tennessee
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Dear James,
Why do you do the things you do? Do you honestly try to break my wounded heart or is it you just don't care? What happened to the you I knew? It's like it's been thrown in a hole that I can't find, and no matter how hard i look it's nowhere to be seen. How can you do this to me and still live with your self? I hope one day that you remember me and shed at least one tear.


Three hours later Melody's mom found her, wrists slit, heart dead , and with this note.

The author's comments:
this is actually something that a friend of mine almost did. She wanted me to rite this. so i have.

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RandyA. GOLD said...
on Mar. 1 2011 at 7:00 pm
RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
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wow.. this is cool