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lovers embrace

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Her heart races as they walk into the room. Is this wrong? Should I wait? Why am I so scared? She can feel it pounding harder in her chest. Butterflies and nerves run through her stomach.

Why am I doing this!? I’m making a mistake! Turn away say, no, you’re so stupid, but my body will not obey my mind. There is no going back now, you’re going to get hurt, and he will leave you! It’s all he wants.

The touch is tempting; he is warm and tingling in my skin. Does he know how I feel about him? Does he know that her heart skips a beat every time his skin touches hers? That the warmth of his hands turn her inside out. When it finally happens, it’s nothing like she expected. We made love, it didn’t hurt. He dint take it and we both gave it. I wondered if I should say it, would he run from me. Maybe I shouldn’t, I might lose him. But the words fall out slipping all over my lips. I love you... I wait for a response, he leans over and gently he whispers in my ear I love you too. And in the morning when I woke up he was still there.

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