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The Black Rose

September 8, 2010
By scooby2 SILVER, Perry, Ohio
scooby2 SILVER, Perry, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Always be a star on matter what role you play..." -Sixth grade L.A. teacher.

“Is eternal life worth having?” –Mai (Pronounced Mi) Heart
“No it’s not” –Joey Carnage
“I want it anyway…” –Mai Heart

Moving to a new town is hard enough on Mai Heart. But when she makes a new friend who has dark secrets she is pulled into an ancient rivalry with a group known as “The Clove” Along with several other dark secrets lurking with this new, mysterious boy she meets. Then Mai must decide. What is more important? Her relationship with her friend or her life.

Don’t sit there!
Read on!!!!!

Chapter 1
The hell broke loose for Mai Heart ever since her family was pretty much torn apart. Her mother and farther divorced. Her father left Los Angeles and moved to Ohio. Her mother stayed where she was. Mai was just returning from her trip from her fathers place in Ohio. “Look…I know the last few weeks have been hard on you, kiddo but at least you still had some fun, right?” Her dad asked as he turned the wheel. The car jerked before turning. Mai sat in the passenger seat and stared out the window and played with her long blond hair. She leaned against the car door. Her birthday had passed and gone two days ago. February third. She spent her birthdays like most others. She went to the movies by herself and indulged in candy and snacks watching stupid horror movies. She looked out the window and noticed they had reached the airport. “There you go, Mai…” Her dad said softly as he turned the car off. Mai got out of the car and the sunlight blinded her. “Nice day for Ohio…” He said as he grabbed her bag out of the back of his car. She stumbled but caught herself on the side of the car. “Thanks, Dad…” Mai took her bag from her dad and started walking. Her boots clicked as she walked. Her dad’s paces softened as he went. “I hate this…” Mai thought as she went. “This stinks….” Mai continued her thoughts. “I show up to a new school just in time to be the new, freaky and creepy girl at a new, stupid school.” Mai kept walking and stopped at the doors. She waited for her dad to catch up. Mai loved her dad but still preferred to be alone anytime. The security guard asked for passports. Her dad showed the man his and walked in. Mai flashed him hers and walked in. Mai looked around. “Let’s see….we are looking for shuttle A.” Her dad said as he scanned the room. “There it is!” He pointed and they both walked up to the X-ray machines. “Dad…I got it from here.”
“Sure kiddo?” He asked. “Yeah I’m sure…I’m not a little girl anymore…” She smiled at him. “Okay…say hello to Margaret.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck. “Sure I will…” She thought sarcastically. She kissed her dad on the cheek and made her way to the x-ray machines. “Hello, L.A.” Mai thought happily. L.A. was her kind of town. She dropped her bags on the machine. Some guy ahead of her motioned for her to cut him. “Looser…” she thought as she walked up. After she got though the machine she walked and looked up at the clock overhead. 2:03. Her plane leaved in twenty minutes. Mai dropped off her luggage at the luggage drop-off. She found terminal A and sat there, waiting patiently. “Come on…” Mai thought. She wanted to get out of Ohio, right away. Eventually the lady announced: “Shuttle A, now loading…” The skinny lady said. Mai walked up and gave the lady her ticket and walked down the hallway. Mai got onto the plane and found a reasonably good seat, by herself. She sat down by the window and immediately closed it. There was only one thing Mai hated. Flying… “I hate flying…” She groaned as she leaned back in her seat. “Flight A will be taking us to a non-stop flight to Los Angeles, California…we hope you enjoy the flight.” She smiled as she walked toward the front of the aisle. “Yeah…okay, keep telling yourself that…” Mai thought as she rolled her eyes. She tried to close her eyes and imagine what things would be like if her parents never divorced. But she sighed. “Just get over it…” Mai told herself. She felt the plane shake a little and begin to lift! She tried to ignore that utter sick feeling she got every time she flew. Soon the plane was soaring high in the sky. Mai opened her eyes moments later. “You may now turn on electronics…thank you.” She said, giving her fake smile to the plane. Mai pulled out her MP3 player and closed her eyes. “Please let this be over soon…” She thought.
1 hour later….
An hour had past before Mai opened her eyes again to order water and a bag of salty peanuts. The lady came back moments later with her water and peanuts. “Thank you…” Mai said. She drank the water and sat there…silent as usual. Curiosity got the best of her and forced her to look out the window. They must have been thousands of miles in the air! Mai quickly shut the window and leaned back in her seat. She ignored the snickering of a girl across the aisle and turned her music up louder.
Hours later…
Mai was shaken awake by the girl who had been laughing at her earlier. “Oh…” she realized that the plane was clearing up. “Thank you…” Mai thanked her and got off the plane. Mai grabbed her luggage and started walking for the exit. Her flight of doom was over and now she was in her town. Los Angeles. Mai sighed as she stepped outside. A slight breeze blew her hair out of her eyes. Mai slung her purse over her shoulder and started walking down the sidewalk. She stopped and pulled out a scrap of paper her dad had given to her before she had gotten in the car. She read the paper and stuck it back in her pocket. It read 8976 Manchester West. Mai walked down a few more blocks. One guy whistled at her and she wanted to turn around and slug him but she didn’t, sadly. “Moron…” She spat though her teeth, not caring if he heard her or didn’t. She kept walking and found a public library. “Awesome…” She thought as she past it. She walked past the door and BAM! The door opened and knocked her to the ground. “Are you alright…?” She slowly opened her eyes. A boy, about her age, maybe older was standing over her. He was dressed in a blue jacket and jeans. “I’m so sorry…” He said. “Oh…it’s okay…” She said as she sat up. He helped her to her feet. “Thanks…” She said. “I’m Joey…” He said. “Mai Heart…” She said. “Nice name…” He said. Mai blushed. “I guess…I’ll see you later…” Mai said as she started walking away. “See ya’” He called. Mai sighed as she kept walking. Her head was throbbing so hard. She caught a cab moments later since she didn’t want another run-in with a killer door. The cab stopped and she climbed in. “8976 Manchester west ,please.”
“Yes Ma’am”
“Thank you…” Mai said as she looked out the window.
Twenty minutes later….
Mai had climbed out of the cab and paid the man. “Thank you…” She said. “No problem, Ms.” He said as she shut the door. She turned around and looked at the new house she would have to call home. It looked almost new. It was a large house with windows with a white coating of paint. Pink and red flowers grew in windows and beds. “Yeah this is defiantly mom’s house…” Mai huffed as she walked up the driveway. “Mai, sweetie!” Her mother ran up. She was dressed in a dirty apron and her blond hair was all in a bun. “Hello sweetie!” She said as she hugged her. “Hey mom…dad says hi…”
“Oh…well…thank you, I suppose.” She said as she grabbed Mai’s suitcase. “Come on…let me show you the house!” Her mom escorted her into the house. Her mother began showing her the house and stopped in front of a huge white door. “And this….is your room!” She opened her door. Mai’s lust dropped to zero. The room was all pink! EEW! Mai didn’t say anything. Her mom had made the room by herself so she couldn’t complain too much. “I’ll leave you to enjoy yourself.” A cherry wood desk with a computer sat on top. A red dresser was also next to it and Mai had a giant size closet! “Remember you have school tomorrow!” Her mother called. “You mean hell?” Mai thought. Mai fell on top of her bed. “Why do I have to be the freaky new girl?” She thought. “Why me?”

Chapter 2
Mai awoke the next morning very tired. She quickly changed into a purple skirt and a white top and blue jacket. Her usual look. She put on her black boots and grabbed her book bag. She walked down the wooden flooring. She noticed her mom was still asleep. How did she know this? She could hear her snoring… Mai walked down the stairs and grabbed a granola bar from the pantry. She sat down at the table that overlooked the street. She chewed on the granola bar and watched people walking with books in their hands. What would people think of her. The freaky geek or the new, preppy girl? She liked the second choice better. Mai walked outside and got to her stop she had found yesterday. Two other kids walked up. The boy was wearing glasses and his black hair looked like he had used too much gel. The girl was small and smiling with rosy cheeks to back her up. “Hello…” She said. Her voice was soft and quiet. “Hi…” Mai said. “Your new here right?” the boy asked. “Yeah…Mai Heart…”
“Hello…I’m Hannah…” The little brown haired girl greeted her. “I’m Eric….” The boy said. Mai smiled shyly. The bus pulled up. “So Mai what do you think about your first day of school?” Eric asked. “What are you, my mother?” Mai thought. Mai got on the bus. She walked to the back and found a seat by her self. Eric and Hannah sat down across from her. She sat down and felt the bus start moving again. The bus stopped a few blocks away and Mai looked up. A tall, handsome blond kid was sitting up in a seat three seats ahead. A blond girl sat next to him. The bus started moving again. “I see you have already evolved a crush for Joey Carnage!” Hannah laughed. “What?” Mai asked, more like demanded. “Joking…that blond haired boy is Joey Carnage…the brown haired girl is Rose Carnage…his sister.” Hannah said. “Cute sister at that.” Eric added. Hannah rolled her eyes and looked back at her magazine that she had pulled out of her book bag. After a few more stops the bus had finally reached the school. “Gee, took long enough.” Mai got out of her seat and got off the bus in a hurry. She started walking slowly and let that Joey kid pass her. “Hello….” He said as he walked by. She sighed heavily and walked into the school. “Let’s see…locker 724!” She thought. She started walking and past the gymnasium. “Ugh…Gym!” She sighed. She found her locker by the time everyone was in the hallways! “This school is so crowded!” She thought. She found her locker and threw her book bag into it. She pulled and yanked out her books and folders. Her first class was Math…EWW….Science…gory….L.A….Boring and Social Studies…drag… “Well time for the bell of hell to ring…” She said as she walked down the hallway to her class room. She sat down . This old lady was talking to several students about today’s assignments. “I bet I know what she is thinking…” Mai thought.
“Good I have more fresh students to teach them to death about things they won’t use in real life! HA-Ha!” Mai laughed at the thought. Mai looked toward the direction of the window. But instead she saw that blond haired kid looking out the window instead. (Readers don’t get any ideas!) Mai quickly turned away. She looked back at the teacher. She looked to be over eighty years old! Mai rolled her eyes and the bell rang. Now all she had to do was survive class.
The rest of the day was pretty boring except after Language Arts. She was just walking out of the door minding her own business when BAM! She was lying on the floor looking up at stars! “I’m so sorry…are you okay?” A voice asked her. She opened her eyes. That kid was standing over her. “Are you okay?” He asked. “Oh…yeah I’m fine…” He held out a hand to her. She took his hand and a cold chill went up her spine! His hands were freezing! “Thanks…” She said as he helped her pick up her books. She looked down and noticed that she had given herself a small paper cut. “Ouch…” She thought. “Oh no…” the blond haired kid murmured. “What?” Mai asked softly. “I have to go…” He said as he took one last look at Mai and the blood and walked away. “What was that about?” She thought. Mai shrugged and walked down the hall to her locker.
After her class Mai threw her books in the locker and walked to lunch. She walked in the cafeteria. “Mao! Over here!” Hannah called. Mai looked to see Eric and Hannah sitting at a table in the corner. She walked and sat down. “Hey guys…What?” Hannah was smiling at Mai. “WHAT?” She demanded. “You ran into Joey…how romantic…” Mai sighed. “Forget it, Hannah!” She moaned as she sat down at the table. The rest of Hannah’s conversation was a blur to Mai. But Hannah was right. How romantic!

Chapter 3
Joey Carnage is far more different than regular boys. He has a secret. A dark secret. And so does his sister and his whole family. They say that vampires only exist in nightmares, fairytales or in Dracula. But they are wrong. Dead wrong. Joey Carnage, Rose Carnage and their whole family was a group of vampires. But not the sleep in the coffin type. This is why they live in a quiet part of the city and keep to themselves. Dr. Andrews and Mrs. Andrews was Kevin’s parents. He was Rose’s boyfriend and Joey’s practical brother. They say there was also a special ability a special vampire can harness. Rose had a special ability of her own. She could see the future and use that knowledge to help her family avoid hardships. And it really helped when she bet, if she bet. Joey actually had two! He could read minds and protect others in a mental shield! But every vampire had a story behind how they became a vampire. Dr. Andrews had become a vampire by being attacked by a vampire! He was walking home from the hospital and was viciously attacked! But the vampire didn’t kill him, strangely. He just bit him and left! The next few days for Dr. Andrews were horrible. Pain overwhelmed him. Then one day when he went to the hospital he found Joey and Rose! Their mother was dead but they both were still, barely alive. He had to save them by biting their wrists. Then Joey and Rose were both vampires. Kevin had been rock climbing off the coast. One miss step and he was on the ground, blood running over the grass. Luckily Dr. Andrews was there with Joey when both men were on vacation. His wife Sara was at a jeweler store when a robber accidentally shot her. Sara fell to the shards of glass below where she was later saved by Dr. Andrews. He later married her. So everyone was happy once again. Except Joey. He felt the most alone as ever. There were several advantages to be a vampire. Super speed, sharp teeth and indestructible skin and an eternal life. But there were some bad points as well. Cold skin, pretty much frozen in time and red eyes when he doesn’t feed. There are also two kinds of vampires. A pure vampire was a vampire born that way. The only problem with being a pure vampire was that they could be destroyed by sunlight, yes just like in the movies. A non-pure vampire could live in sunlight but their eyes changed to dark black, which gave people an odd feeling. Joey Carnage and his family were all non-purities. And not all vampires had to be alone. Some vampires found a mate and stayed with them forever. But if a vampire fell in love with a human that would be disastrous! First off the human would be in mortal danger for a long time. A vampire had a scent that another vampire could pick up. And if that vampire left a scent around the human an enemy vampire could kill the human. Another choice was that the vampire could just watch the humans life all the way until it ends. Joey sat up, at his desk in his black room and just stared into space. “Still thinking about the girl, huh?” He turned around to see Rose opening the door and walking in. “Knocking much?” he joked. “I’m your sister, I have to annoy you, knuckle head.” She laughed as she sat in the opposite chair. “What is with you and this Mai girl?” She asked. “I don’t know…” Joey said with a heavy sigh. Every time he saw her blond hair, it gave him chills…and he was a vampire! “What do you see in the future?” He asked. “For the last time…I can’t figure it out…it’s too complicated!” She snapped. “Sorry…” Rose was dressed in a pink shirt and a grey skirt. Joey was in a black sweater and blue jeans. “Yes I am still thinking about her!” Joey admitted. “I know!” Rose smiled. “But she has to be a vampire other wise you’ll just get that girl killed, Joey.” Her smile faded away. “I know that already!” Joey snapped. “Sorry…see you later…” She said as she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. “I know things won’t work but why do I still think about her?” Joey asked himself aloud. Joey sighed and sat there. “I can’t get her out of my mind!” Joey stood up and got to the window. He opened it and jumped out, landing nimbly on his feet. He darted down the street in a split second. He had read her mind when he ran into her. The second time at school. He had ran away from her when he saw the blood. Luckily he did other wise he could have seriously hurt Mai! But Joey just wasn’t sure what to do. He got to her house in a matter of seconds. The window to her room was open and the lights were off. Joey dashed and soon had climbed in the window. She was sound asleep in bed wearing a black nightgown. “Sweet dreams, Mai Heart.” Joey said, a little above a whisper. “I love you…” He said. She was fussing and turning around telling Joey she was having nightmares. “No!” She yelped and sat up. She looked around in the dark. No one was there except the window she had left open to make the room a little less stuffy. “That was…” Mai walked up to the window and looked out. Joey was half tempted to step out and reveal himself but he stayed hidden in the shadows of the old spruce trees. She closed the window and returned to bed. “Goodnight Mai Heart…” Joey darted away in the darkness and stopped several blocks away. “I love you Mai Heart.” Joey wasn’t sure how such a beautiful human had melted his cold heart, but she did, knowingly or not. He walked home, slowly. He just needed time to think. Then he decided. He would let his family know and seek some kind of advice as what to do. Joey got home and walked in the front door. He clicked on the lights revealing his father Dr. Andrews and his mother Sara. “Joey…” He started. “Yeah, Dad?” He asked. “We need to talk.” His father broke a smile and started laughing. “Very funny.” Joey said. “So what is wrong?” his mother asked. “Oh…nothing…” Joey said as he walked up to the island in the kitchen. His mother followed. “Something’s up…you can tell us.” She said softly. “Is it about this girl?” She asked. “What?” Joey asked. “Rose…may have said a few things…” Joey shook his head. “Should have guessed!” He murmured. “What?” His mother asked. “Nothing…” Joey said. “What is so troubling?” She asked. “Nothing…it’s just this girl!” Joey said as he rubbed his temples. “Well…what are you going to do?” She asked. “Nothing at all.” Joey said as he left the room. How could some kind of monster fall in love with such a pretty girl?

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