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The Storm - Alternate Conclusion

February 19, 2010
By SillyGoose BRONZE, Merrickville, Other
SillyGoose BRONZE, Merrickville, Other
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She stumbled down the steps and across the street, and watched the door bang against the exterior wall. Ben soon appeared in the doorway, looking absolutely livid. The weak light made his features seem grave and intimidating. She drew in a quick breath, and huddled closer to the tree by which she stood.
"Janet" He cried into the stormy night. Thunger cracked, lighting struck. His face lit up momentarily, and she gasped loudly. Ben - her hisband, the man she loved - had been the face in the window. She had never seen him in such a state. Her heart pounded noisily, and she swore he could hear it, despite the whistling wind; the maniacal laughter of the storm. Ben leaped from the porch, almost gracefully. He landed with a muted thud by the end of the eaves, and surveyed the night.
She wondered if he'd spot her. The sky lit up once again, and his gazed fixated on the tree, on her cardigan, which was being whipped about by the wind.
She pulled it closer, and slowly backed away. Ben quickened his pace as he advanced towards her. The rain poured down on them, soaking them to the bone. She soon realized that she had led herself into a corner. She struggled to climb the fence, but found herself unable, for it was much too slippery, and her hands we shaking madly.
"Janet," He called again "I see you darling,don't run." His voice grew softer, though his expression remained hard and uncahnged. "The envelope, darling. Did you read the contents?" She shook her head no.
"I ripped it," She said, still shaking.
"Very good," He replied, drawing nearer and nearer. His hands stretched forward once again. "And why are you home early, love?"
"My sister," She began "She is well again"
"Excellent." Ben was close enough to touch. She longed for his embrace, for his sensible ways, for his soothing tone.
[i]Where are you, Ben?[/i] She though to herself. She leaned towards him - a force of habit. His arms wrapped around her, and she relaxed. He meant her no harm.
However, she soon realized that Ben's embrace was becoming quite tight, gradually pushing all the air out of her lungs. She found herself unable to breathe.
"You should have kept to the plan." He whispered in her ear. He slipped his arms up the length of her torso, up to her neck, and with a firm twist, it was all over.
She hung limp, in his arms.
Ben dragged her along, around the house, and down the riverbank. He heaved her up and over the cattails, into the water. With an almighty detonation, he laughed along with the storm.

The author's comments:
The original story is writeen by MacKnight Malmar.

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