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The quest of Avalon

November 1, 2009
Alexandria amillia alishia BRONZE, Hooper, Utah
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Kara, Kara, come to me Kara come to me and be my aid, to steal the magic from

Avalon and fulfill your destiny, Kara. The treacherous hissing voice belonged

to a black cloaked figure with reptilian slitted venom green eyes that had haunted

Kara's dreams every night for nearly two weeks, and every night Kara would wake

up in a cold sweat breathing heavily. “it was just a dream.” she would repeat to herself

to ward away the feeling of being watched.

Kara Davies was a beautiful girl with waist-long golden-blond hair, rich

magenta eyes and flawless snow white skin. This particular morning Kara had

pulled on her most fashionable outfit, jeweled sky blue jeans, a baby pink tank top, a

silk magenta pullover with a fuchsia fur lining that matched her eye's perfectly, and

metallic gold strap-up flats. Kara had brushed her hair into a sheet of gold, put on

bronze bangles and a golden heart locket engraved with her name.

Today was a special day for Kara Davies, today the new student body president

would be voted for and she wanted to look her best to present her speech to the whole of

crystal water high. Kara was the next, and last person to give her speech and she was

nervous. Kara was so nervous that she was afraid she would barf or faint in the
middle of her speech. “our next speaker will be Kara Davies.” the principle announced

into the microphone on the podium. That was it, that was Kara's Que it was her turn

to give her speech. Later that night Kara was walking through Mr. Demonds cherry

orchard looking for some big ripe black cherry's to take home and make into pie for a

family victory celebration. Kara had won the election and was now the student body

president. This didn't surprise her though, Kara was the most popular person in

crystal waters high school. Kara was pondering this when suddenly a little gold fur

ball shot out of the bushes by the rock wall that separated the orchard from a strange

nature reserve called ravens-wood manor.

The fur-ball stopped and looked at Kara. Kara saw a deep cut on the leg of the little

bewildered gold ferret that sat starring at her with deep brown eyes. The ferret just sat

there and stared at Kara for to her what seemed like an eternity.

Kara noticed a brown leather collar around the ferrets neck with a sparkling swirling

amethyst jewel attached to the center. “come here girl, here little ferret” Kara said

holding out her hand for the ferret to sniff. “ I wonder who you belong to?” asked Kara

more to herself than to the tiny golden puffball just an arms length away from her.

All of a sudden the ferret jumped into Kara's arms, startling her and making her

jump. Kara took a little first-aid kit out of her purse, and bandaged the little ferrets

wound. “If you dident notice I'm not a girl!” exclaimed the ferret. “Did you just talk!”

Kara asked with another jump. “ Of coarse I did, my name is Ozzie Oswald.”

“Oh, well then it's good to make your acquaintance.” Kara said aquardly.

“This has to be a dream!” Kara exclaimed. “Oh but it's quite real!” said Ozzie in a

mysterious voice that only a ferret could portray. Suddenly a black cloud snakeing

from Ozzie's jewel surrounded Kara and she fell asleep.

The next morning Kara woke up in her own bed wrapped in a warm cozy quilt and

surrounded by her soft stuffed animals. It was a Saturday and Kara had slept in


“oh it was just A dream, a ferret that talks huh. I think I should stop snacking on

candy before bed!”

Suddenly something at the foot of Kara's bed moved, Kara looked towards where the

thing had moved.

There at the foot of her bed sat a little gold ferret stuffed animal. Suddenly the

stuffed ferret pounced at her.

“ ah, get off of me you little fuzzball!” Kara screamed in the highest voice possible.

“Kara? Is everything alright up there?” called Kara's mother.

“I'm fine mom, just a bad dream” Kara called back.

Kara couldn't believe her eye's, was the same ferret from her dreams really sitting on

her lap and starring at her with big brown eye's? Her fear was confirmed when she

scratched his neck and felt the amethyst crystal in the exact place it had been in her

alleged dreams. “let me guess now your gonna start talking.” said Kara sarcasticly,

“ hold on I was getting there.” retorted the ferret,.

“ and just in case you have forgotten my name is Ozzie.”

“are you magic or just electronic? because I'm betting on electronic.” stated a very

confused Kara. “ well you are wrong princess Kara, there is no joke here I am a magic

creature from Aldenmore, a place across the magic web of our worlds.”

“ your great grandmother Abyssinia has sent me to teach you the ways of the web of

Avalon. Come, follow me.” Kara got dressed, not knowing weather to trust this

talking ferret or not, and feeling half afraid and half exited she followed Ozzie to

Ravenswood Manor and he led her into what seemed like a large library with a domed

ceiling and marble floors.

“ Wow it must have taken a really long time to collect all of these ancient books!”

exclaimed a bemused Kara. “ I'm glad to see that you are enthusiastic, princess. All of

these books were collected by sorcerers and mages, like you Kara.”

“ oh no, no, no, no, I refuse to be a ma-something or other. I'm just an ordinary girl

trying to get through high school. I refuse to be involved in this fairytale magic


But little did Kara know, that she was a direct descendent of the great fairy queen

Abyssinia, the gate keeper of Avalon the source of all good magic.

Ozzie told Kara about the great prophecy of the three mages the Healer the Warrior

and the Blazing Star, and that she and two other mages were destined to restore the

magic web, and destroy the dark sorceress that threatened all of the realms and all

good magic. “ was the dark sorceress the one I have been having nightmares about?”

asked Kara a little uneasily. “ yes, Kara, she is the one haunting your dreams.”

“Okay I'll help you, but how do I know that you are not working for the dark

sorceress?” suddenly Kara heard footsteps in the hall. “Hello?” called an unfamiliar

voice. “Who's there? Any one?”

suddenly a girl about Kara's age walked into the room. The girl had knee-length

silky jet black hair, ice blue eye's, and tan skin. She was waring dark blue jeans

with a studded black leather belt, a red flair tank top with the words “ ROCK

PRINCESS” printed on the front, a black leather studded jacket, and black knee-

high boots. “ Geez that girl needs a manicure

and a fashion sense!” thought Kara in her mind. “ Hi my name is Adrian, whats

yours?” asked the girl. “ My name is Kara and this is my pet Ozzie.” said Kara

holding out Ozzie. “ I'm sorry if I'm trespassing its just that little Ozzie ran away

and I had to chase him, so here I am.” Kara said.

to be continued.....

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