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April 23, 2008
By Dell18 BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
Dell18 BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
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Perfection was the option but running away was more pleasing. Looking at the faint board with a marker in my hand, it was unbelievable that I was here, doing this, but I truly belonged somewhere else. I knew every answer to every question, well every math question. I had only three more problems and it would be done and I would surly get the gold, just like all the others. So I worked with a pace, steady but correct. My eyes wandered to the clock. Then I said to myself “ in twenty minutes”, our life, the life that I loved so dearly, would be over and I couldn't do anything about it. I slowly went back to the equation, looking for the solution and hoping math could solve every problem in my mind. My mind was saying you shouldn't be here but my heart knew I couldn't be there...with him.

As I went on I noticed that the competition wasn't going so good. One girl fainted and claimed she saw god and he was going to take her to heaven, at this point in time I wish that he would take me instead. My eyes wandered back to the clock, now only fifteen minutes until him and I are over. “It takes ten minutes to get to the airport from here” I said to myself sadly. There was no time to pick up and run. I finished the equation and put the marker down. The crowd clapped but my heart broke and called out for him...there was no answer. I looked at the clock again, thirteen more minutes until he leaves to go back to the country that is far away from my heart. The judge looked at my equation and I was right, everyone was so excited, but me, I was full of sorrow, I just couldn't be happy with out him.

When the judge went to shake my hand, I pulled mine back and the next thing I knew I was in a taxi going at least 85mph in a 75 lane. Eleven minutes I thought to myself, eleven minutes to prove that he needs me and I need him. As we past the other cars my heart was pounding out of my chest and echoing in the car. Eight more minutes and we weren't even there yet.

I cried “this is it” all the competition's that I have won never meant as much to me as he did. No past boyfriend could ever compare to the guy that never could be. We reached the airport, I gave the driver my whole wallet and bolted out of the car. I had four minutes. I reached the gate just in watch his plane leave. I swore my soul flew out of my body and went on the plane with him. I fell to the ground, tears rolling down, heart aching, thoughts screaming through my head. Then my soul came back, I don't know why but it did. Then I felt a slight tap on my left shoulder and I heard “I couldn't do it.....I couldn't leave you”.

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