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November 19, 2007
By Anonymous

Once upon a time on a previous planet named. . . Pluto. There was a man named Pluton. He was able to get exceptional speed and strength. Then one day while going with his girl friend a man named or should we say Martian. He took an extreme force of pressure to moleye, Pluton’s girlfriend.

The Martian Then poisoned Pluton; with plutonium. After Pluton woke up he vowed revenge on the Martian. Soon there after, he continued to compete in Pluto’s Olympics’ to get him self stronger. Then the Martian came back and tried to hide from Pluton. Pluton heard about the Martian and went directly to the Martians house. The Martian tried to fight Pluton off but was not able to. Then Pluton was about to kill the Martian and said that he would let him live and suffer through his terrible and let faith take it’s own hand in his death.

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