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Now (Capture's sequel)

March 5, 2013
By MidnightFire PLATINUM, Lincoln, Illinois
MidnightFire PLATINUM, Lincoln, Illinois
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He woke coughing, finding difficulty to breathe because the chains holding him to the chair were so tight. Blood trickled down his lip as his head rolled back so he could look at his attacker. Hank. It then all came back to him. The entry, the disk, being revealed, the escape attempt, calling off the Calvary, and finally the capture. It came back so hard the memories slammed into his brain causing a headache. He was punched again across the cheek.

“I’m awake!” Jack snarled, the words slightly slurred from his lips going numb.

“Just making sure.” Hank whispered smugly before he started pacing in front of his prisoner. “Did you really think you’d get away with it?” He asked holding up a small floppy disk, sneering at Jack’s angry snarl. Slapping his prisoner so hard the helpless guy saw black spots floating in his vision. “I asked you a question.” He growled.

“Are you just using this interrogation as an excuse to slap me around while I can’t fight back?”

“Why no, of course not.” Hank stepped back, narrowed eyes gleaming darkly, causing Jack to wonder what horrors he was going to experience this time. He snapped his fingers and Jack was immediately pumped full of electricity. The prisoner made no sound, just gritted his teeth and glared at his hunter. One more snap and the electricity stopped, leaving Jack panting. “Now answer the question.”

“I can’t.” Hank’s eyes narrowed to hateful slits, Jack hurried to explain. “Because my job’s not finished yet.” Somehow Hank’s eyes were able to narrow even more as Jack’s answer and cocky smile got him thinking. “It’s all over Hank. Right about now.” Jack snapped his fingers and the electricity left in the chair and his body- held there because it had nowhere else to go- surged back up and exploded the control consol.

Jack snapped the chains, weakened by the electricity, and lunged at Hank. The man was stupid and cocky, making sure he could do this interrogation on his own so he could torture his enemy. One blow to the stomach, quickly followed with a hit to the head had Hank down fast. Sweeping up the disk, Jack was on the run once more. He ran out the door, momentarily confused, then given direction by running in the opposite direction of the coming guards. Turning down endless hallways always aiming up, he skidded to a halt at a computer lab. Rushing in he warned everyone about the fire down below, they didn’t recognize him but could smell the smoke so they evacuated anyway. He then sat at an empty computer and opened a website of viruses onto the database, knowing those things were able to get every computer in his target’s system. He then grabbed a headset, tuning it for his base.

“Hey guys, I’m out, let’s go. Get me a copter by the cliff on the east wing, I’ve got the disk and I’m being hunted down.”

“Copy that Jack, will meet you there.” Kit’s voice sounded tired, probably from waiting for Jack to get back to them.

Once again he ran, still aiming up still. The exit to the roof was guarded, Hank knowing Jack’s habits. Well then let’s go around. Jack thought as he slinked into an office. Silently opening the window, being only around the corner from the guards, he looked out down the cliff. Mist swirled deadly close, the harsh rocky cavern below, with dark blue water tainted from experiments documented on the disk he had. Smiling deviously, he climbed out onto the tiny ledge, and then climbed up onto the roof. Only to meet, once again, with his enemy.

“You just love jumping off of things don’t you?” Hank asked as his men trapped Jack on his roof ledge. “Did you jump off stuff and hit your head as a child and that’s why you can’t help but do the same thing over and over and over again?”

“No, I’m just waiting for my ride. It should be here right about now.” He said smiling smugly as the helicopter pulled out of the clouds and hovered several feet out.

“What are you going to do? Run home to mommy crying because I gave you a fake disk?”

“You’re bluffing.” Jack growled, pulling out the disk and throwing it to Kit who was crouched in the helicopter’s open door. Suddenly the disk exploded into shards right before Kit could grab it. Narrowed, hate filled eyes turned on Hank as Jack faced him once more, Hank’s arm falling with a shotgun still in hand. “I’ll get that disk.”

“Good luck.” Jack jumped off the ledge, grabbing the landing skids of the chopper, his hand sliding into his back pocket momentarily before reaching up to grab Kit’s hand.

“It’s ok Jack.” Kit reassured, though it wasn’t necessary. Jack grabbed Kit’s hand and pulled their faces close so they couldn’t be heard, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

“Surprise them.” Jack whispered, then let go of Kit and the helicopter, falling into the tainted river, proving Hank right in the fact that he loved to fall. Kit stayed there stunned, then looked at what Jack had left in his hand: a flash drive, one that would give them the edge of surprise when preventing Hank from turning more people Virused. Now, to do what Jack had said before death: Surprise them.

The author's comments:
This is Capture's sequel and will soon be followed by a third ... would that be a triquel? :) enjoy!

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