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Defender of the Alliance

January 6, 2009
By Anonymous

“Mom, what do you want?”
“Hurry up.You have to get ready for school, and it’s already 7:20.”
“Do I have to go?”
“Yes, it’s your first day for a new beginning.”
“Fine,” I mumble tensely

As I alight down stairs with my tooth brush and floss. My mom is making some waffles. She’s in a hurry. As I sit at the table I’m thinking of excuses why not to go to school. I’m not a good liar so why bother? I guess school wouldn’t be that bad cause I have my friend. It is already 7:28 and I need to get dressed. I eat my waffles and head upstairs. I put on my Favorite band-tee and black jeans. I don’t really care how people think about my cloths. Get my I pod head downstairs and I'm in the car ready to meet my worst nightmares.
As I arrive to the High School, it is huge. I walk in the café and it is practically empty. I pick a seat that was in the corner, and then I see Josh. He sits next to me. I see some people come in that I don’t recognize. They sit next to us. This girl is not from our old school. She is hot. She has long, brown, straight but wavy hair. She asks my name and my hands start to get itchy.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? My name is Vinny. What’s up?”

“Nice name. I’m new to this school so I don’t really know the school real well so you wanna go show me around.

I didn’t know what to say because I was new to this school too. I think she just wanted to know me a little better. I want to tell Josh to leave, but he could help me. As we walk around she asks me some questions.
“So did you live around here?” she said enthusiastically
“Yea I live around the corner. So your new right, where did you used to live?” I asked

“I Always lived here, but I used to be home schooled.”

“Oh, that’s cool?”
We walk upstairs and browse around the whole school talking. Her friend from the bus is with her but she doesn’t talk much. The library is cool and huge. There is a loud bell. I think it’s the bell to report to homeroom.

“I think I should go.”

“Yea see ya later.”

I go to homeroom and my teacher is yelling at me because I’m late. I don’t think he was really mad at me because it was the first day of school. As Mr. Whatever assigns seats to us I look out the window. There is a creature that I’ve never seen before. It peeks through the window and quickly hides as I look. I’m thinking what is it? I must be seeing things. So I just forget about it.

“Vincent L.”


“You sit over here.”
I sit down then listen to all these directions. As I’m going to my next class I hear
rings on the bell. That means LOCKDOWN. I run out of the school and find Josh. He is freaked out. I just want to leave. I’m thinking the creature I saw had to do something with this. As I walk home, I see it. It walks up to me. He says something in an animal sound. Then he alters into a human. All I’m thinking now that this creature is not from earth.

“Hello Vinny,” the creature said

“How do you know me?

“I was sent here from our master, Farcon.

“What do you want from me? I said with attitude.
He grabs my hand and throws me in the air and he changes before my eyes into an eagle. It felt so amazing to be soaring in the sky like that. As we get higher I cannot see the earth. We both fall and land in the ocean. There is an underground portal. We go through the earth as if it was jell-o. Under the earth there is a city with creatures, like the one that’s with me. We arise to the ground and meet Farcon.

“Vinny, you where chosen to do a quest unlike any other.”


“We are Seypers, and you are our only defender.”

“What kind of quest?”

“You have to go back to earth and search for Chaomtinsayu. Everyone here calls him Chaos. He is one our best shape shifters from Cypton. This is a dangerous and challenging journey. The other Seypers say he is near your hometown in Horsham. He is very hard to find; he blends in like any other person.”

“Okaaay, so I have to get back to earth and fide this creature, and bring him back to Cypton.”

“No, you are our defender; he will destroy us unless you defeat him.”

“K so I’m just gonna wield a magic sword and defeat him.”

“Yes, we are giving you the power to summon anything and weapon you want.”

Farcon gets an orb with my name engraved in to it, and he makes me open it and drink it. As I drink I feel a shock run up my feet to my head. It feels like I evolved into a wizard that can fight like a samurai. Farcon says I can make a sword with my mind and make it do anything I want. Also he said that Crandoka will come with me to watch out and help me. We go out and fly out of this other dimension.

When I arrive at my house, Cran made an underground house so he can check up on me. I can’t tell anyone about my mission or Cypton. I go inside my house and my mom is carrying on about how it’s past dinner, do you homework, what was that lockdown for. Ignoring her I go up to my room and sketch some ideas for a costume or swords. I’m thinking of making my costume be royal blue and crimson red, with a nice black trim. Then I pick up my orb and read the back under the engraving

You are the chosen one and you will now have the power to summon. This will help you in defeating Chaomtinsayu. Use your powers wisely or you will be forbidden to use them. Make sure you use this gift well. So I trust you to defend our world and keep all seypers safe. Be a good sport but don’t hit me with a pitchfork.

-Burym L.

Burym L., that’s my last name. So Burym is my ancestor. I go outside to see Cran. He poofs right in front of me.

“Do you know a Burym L?”

“Oh, so you found out about Wiz Burym; he is your great Grandfather.

“So what happened to him?”

“He tried to defeat Chaos, and his spells backfired on him and he just stopped breathing.”

“So I’m on a deadly task, and I have powers that could also kill me.”

“Yes but we are sure you can defeat him.”

“Are you sure?”


“K, cya.”
I walk into the house and go in my room. I’m thinking through the night, is this a dream or is this nightmare. As I’m trying to sleep I think about these creatures and how they got here. I pull the covers and close my eyes.

“No, I summon acid rain.”

“You will not summon anything, you’re going to end up like you great grandfather. MIMIC. that’s why they call me Chaos. Haha”

“NOOOOOOO, this can’t happen, I thought you said I’ll be-

“Noo, whe-where am I. Uhg I’m back home.”
I look at the time it says 5:58. I just watch T.V until it’s time to wake up. After an episode of music videos I start getting dressed. Then I head downstairs and my mom is already making coffee. She talks to me but I’m too lazy to answer. I sit down the couch and eat my cereal. I resume the music videos. When it is time to go, my mom drives me to school. I see the girl I saw yesterday. What was her name? She didn’t tell me. I walk in and meet josh. I am tempted to tell him but I don’t. We sit down and talk about what we did after lockdown. Josh said that he just went home and skateboarded the rest of the day. After his story he asks what I did. I stutter and say hold. I go to the mysterious girl and we talk.

“Hey,” I said enthusiastically

“Hey, Vinny.”

“I didn’t catch you name, what was it again.”

“My name is Kayla.”
We just walk to our table and compare at our class schedules. We have sewing together. I found out that we have a lot in common. Kayla likes art and singing and so do I. The bell rings and we go to homeroom. I ask Mr. Whatever to get a drink. I walk out and see Kayla.

“Hey, Kayla, I need to tell you something.”

“Yea, what is it?”

“Well, you know the lockdown, yea the guy that was in our school was a mystical creature from another dimension, and I know it sounds crazy but it’s true.”

“So you’re saying that there is a creature that’s from another world broke in our school and this thing knows you.”

“Yea it’s a long story but I have to battle one of them to save the whole species
We go into an abandoned closet and I summon Cran to come, and he just pops up. Kayla was amazed. Cran shifts into other things and then she believes me. I tell Cran to get me to my house. We arrive at our house and get Kayla to help me find Chaos. Cran get us into his underground lab. I found out the Kayla was good at science. She makes a tracking device for the species of Seypers. Chaos is in a shopping mall. We fly to the mall and look around. We walk in every store where the tracker says he will be. Then I think this is useless, so I summon glasses that track every unknown species it looks at. I found him. He is morphed into a little old woman. I call Kayla. Cran transforms the earth into a battlefield with just Chaos, Me, Cran, And Kayla.
I summon myself, to make me duplicated. He doesn’t hit me. I make a sword appear and slash his leg and he jumps right back up. I got to find his weakness. I think back to the message that that my great grandfather wrote. Pitchfork. I summon a pitchfork and thrust it into him. His powers slowly get weaker as he gets smaller. Chaos is now a human. So when a Seypers gets hit by a pitchfork they become a human.
“Vinny, you did it, you defeated him,” Cran said
“How did you do it,” Kayla yelled.
They all give me a big hug and we head off to Cypton. All the Seypers shook my hand and they announced me to be the new King of Cypton.

I declined being the king because I still have to be a normal person on earth. So I told them to remember me as VINNY, DEFENDER OF THE ALLIENCE!

The author's comments:
I had to rush finishing it at the end so it might not be very descriptive. Hope you like it

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on Nov. 1 2010 at 10:46 am
vampiresrock GOLD, Cornish, New Hampshire
12 articles 0 photos 92 comments

Favorite Quote:
When life gives you oranges, make grape juice and sit back and let the world wounder how the hell you just did that.

Ummmm....what the heck happened here? i really liked it, but the beginning was so abrupt, i had to go back and re-read it! what happened...and why?

can u look at my's called "Midnight Wolf?" i need feedback!



J. Rae said...
on Mar. 10 2010 at 8:50 pm
It was really rushed at the end and teh characters didn't react realistically at some parts. It is a really good story though! You just need to work on it .

on Sep. 16 2009 at 8:50 am
UnidentifiedArtist BRONZE, Spring, Texas
2 articles 0 photos 3 comments
Its good but it kinda seems really rushed.