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Tacky and the Invasion of the Polar Bears

January 6, 2009
By Anonymous

On a gigantic iceburg, there lived a King John, Queen Alexa, and a multitude of penguins. Their town was called TidyWhitey Town. On the other side of the ice burg was a town called Iceville and there lived a king of polar bears. His name was King Bob. He was ferocious, powerful, and had razor sharp teeth. King Bob was jealous of King John because King John had a gorgeous, intelligent, and talented wife. He wanted Queen Alexa all to himself in his dark, dingy cave. He thought of a genius plan to penguin-nap Queen Alexa. Before he could carry out his ingenius plan he had to tidy up his cave with Frebreeze, Glade air fresheners, flowers and tons of night lights (aka candles). Once he had all things in perfect order, he was ready to do the evil deed. To do the trick before the penguins found out that the Queen was missing, he needed to make a life sized decoy of the queen. He dug up what he thought was a huge chunk of ice, which in fact was diamond and sculptured it into Queen Alexa. ( What a dum-dum polar bear). The problem was it looked nothing like her because he was a crazy untalented imbecile. When he knew TidyWhitey town was asleep he throw the sculpture in the back of his silent ice mobile. Because King Bob was a polar bear, he blended right in with the TidyWhitey Town. He placed the sculptured queen on the throne and quietly made his way to the bedroom to penguin nap the real queen. Nobody saw or heard anything. When King John woke up he noticed his wife had already gotten up for the day. He went into the dining room and rang for breakfast service. Food arrived momentarily and he waited for his wife to join him. He waited for twenty minutes and when she did not appear he grew impatient . He started to search all the rooms of their igloo castle and finally came to the throne room. There was Queen Alexa, shiny and glistening. He said to her, “My, aren’t you looking quite dazzling!” She did not reply. King John came closer and realized she was made out of diamonds. He was so shocked and petrified that he couldn’t speak but he knew he had to tell the whole village about this misfortune. He needed to figure out who or what had taken his beloved Queen Alexa.

The day that he told the villagers about his wife’s disappearance, the temperature seemed to have dropped 30 degrees! It was a dark day for all penguins because they had lost Queen Alexa.  When she lived with them she had brought much life and happiness to TidyWhitey Town but all that blew away with the frigid winds of the arctic. King John devised a plan for the search party to find his wife. Because King John acted quickly, the captain of the expedition noticed the ice mobile tracks! The search party then followed the tracks. You guessed it! It led them to the Iceville of the polar bears. The search party stumbled into the hole that King Bob had dug to make a sculpture of the queen. Because the penguins were small, they could not climb out!

King John waited many days and did not hear word of the search. He grew depressed, anxious and restless. The TidyWhitey Town was out of control. The penguins stole, cheated, fought, broke the law, yelled at each other and did things they never would have done before. All day the penguins would be in their warm igloos. Nobody knew what went on in other penguin’s igloos. Nobody knew what went on outside. Some penguins tried their best to cheer the king by bringing him food and flowers! His heart was not with them. After two long, dreary months there was a ransom note that said,
“If you would like to see Queen Alexa
Bring two million dollars
In a suitcase, to the red light in Iceville
On Saturday night and stand on your head for an hour!

The author's comments:
Tacky is a odd bird but a fun bird to be around

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Meenie1997 said...
on Jun. 22 2010 at 2:54 pm
Wow. Interesting. It souds like a perfect story for people of all ages but mostly for the young ones. I'm sure they'll enjoy that. Nice Job!

Bex1997 said...
on Sep. 9 2009 at 4:30 pm
Oooohh...wonderful! What happens next?

Dolly3 said...
on Sep. 3 2009 at 11:53 pm
Dolly3, LaLa Land, Other
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Very interesting. I'd have to admit, i've never read anything quite like this story before.