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Hollywood's Bloody Secrets Chapter 2 Escape From the Airport

May 16, 2010
By GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
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It was Wednesday. Finally time to leave this misery of a life behind, Sydney thought. After David left for work she snuck out of the moldy, dark and gloomy apartment. Rain poured from the sky and cars beeped their horns. Unlike fairy tales, rain doesn’t always mean bad. For the first day in what seemed like forever Sydney skipped down the street. She was amazed by how huge, amazing, and beautiful the world was. The sound of the rain on the ground was so awesome, and the smell, the smell of the summer rain ran into her nose, a smell other than mold. She turned her head up and looked at the blue-gray sky. The color matching her eyes perfectly. She looked around and saw how tall his buildings were. Boston was a lot better than she had originally thought. Puddles splashed as she walked through them. After a ten minute walk she got to Logan Airport. “Oh my God” Sydney whispered looking at the huge building she just walked into. She got around fairly easily until she reached a line by what appeared to be a metal door frame. The frame reminded her of when David broke down her door with the chair. She quickly wiped the thought out of her memory and continued threw the line. The beeping noise went off when she went through. She was brought aside and a short women with blonde hair wanded her. It beeped when it got to her mouth. “Please open your mouth ma’am” said the women. Sydney did what she was told, exposing her all metal tongue ring. “Hmm, usually the machine would not pick that up” Said the women skeptically, but she just told Sydney to head to the gate. Sydney got her tongue piercing when she ws only two and a half. Her parents were huge fans of tattoos and piercings. They even told her when she turned 13 they would let her get a tattoo saying “The world is not what you want it to be, it’s what you make it be” on her arm. Of course, that never happened. She walked over to gate 16 with her first class ticket in hand. After about an hour of waiting it was time to board the plane. Some person on the plane showed her where to sit. Sydney was amazed; this section of the plane was even bigger than her whole house. She was staring out the window when a man tried to get her attention. The man was about twenty-five years old.
“Ms. Australia?” he asked. Hearing her last name like that made her think of her mom, and that day twelve years ago when she died…
“Where is the damn money!” a figure in dark clothes with a mask asked. “Who the hell do you think you are demanding like that?” Sydney’s mom, Victoria, said. Her mom was always tough and always saying what was on her mind. “I-it’s in the safe….2, 8, 22” Sydney’s dad Victor said, he was weak, and scared easily. “Alright, but I’m not 100% satisfied yet, ready to see what happens when someone p***es me off?” The man in dark said glaring at Victoria. Her pulled out a metal weapon and squeezed the trigger. A sound as loud as fireworks filled the sky. A scream ripped through the air, then a thump followed by an eerie silence. Sydney turned to her brother David, Sydney too young to understand what happened. David’s normal sweet, happy and innocent smile was ripped from his face and swapped with a cold and dark expression.
“Why are mommy and daddy lying down in a pool of fruit punch?” She asked. “You moron that’s not fruit-punch, its blood! Freaking blood, they’re dead! All because of that ugly evil jerk!”

“Ms. Australia?” the man asked again. “W-what?” Sydney said waking from her horrible flash-back. “Hello, I’m Justin, I work for Carter Records, and it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.” He said. “It’s great to meet you to, Justin” She replied. “Where are your parents? Did they have you come all by yourself?” He asked, “They’re dead” Sydney said in reply. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn-“she cut him off, She could not stand the feeling of someone feeling sorry for her. “Its fine, how would you know anyway?” she said. “Well, then who do you live with?” Justin asked.
Sydney started to have a bad feeling about this guy, something just wasn’t right. It was probably nothing though she thought dismissing the feeling.
“My older brother David…he’s twenty-one” Sydney replied. “That’s good, that you still have someone to care for you I mean” Justin said. “Care about me? HA! He doesn’t care about me. I hate him, and he hates me, been that way sense my parents died” She replied. “That’s most likely not true Sydney, all brothers and sisters think that, mainly if they get into an argument” Justin said. “Nope, we hate each other. Every day at 4:05 he gets home, and makes it a point to hurt me, throwing punches…and more recently, chairs.” Sydney said. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that”
“Don’t be I'm used to it. I’m unconscious most of the time anyway; sometimes I just fear I won’t wake up. But whatever that’s the past, all my dreams are coming true now!” She said. “Yea…o-of course” He said looking guilty and unhappy with himself. He had a job to do that she did not know about. “What’s wrong?” She asked worried. “N-nothing, I hate to umm go talk to my friend der-no um James, the pilot” Justin said leaving quickly.
Sydney thought nothing of it, soon she would be in Hollywood living her dreams and everything would be great. Just then a loud bang jumped into her ears. The noise was just the same as when her parents were murdered. A gunshot. The plane began to shake. It lost balance and was trying to regain it. What was e aground was appearing closer and closer. People all around her were screaming the flashback was now stuck in her mind. Her thoughts were overflowing. Was it finally over? So many times in the past she wished her life would end. But now she only wanted to live. Her dreams were about to come true. “Please not now” she quietly begged. Then the plane crashed. Red blanketing over her vision. Her eyes closed…

Slowly Sydney regained consciousness. “W-where am I?” She asked. “You’re in Bradley Memorial Hospital in Cleveland Tennessee.” A voice answered. Sydney was confused; did they just say a hospital? She thought those places were fake. Was there any truth from what she had seen online? “Luckily you are going to be okay, thank God for that miracle.” The voice told her. “Who are you?” Sydney asked. “Darling, are you alright, it’s me, your mother.” Victoria’s voice said.

Sydney woke up from the dreamlike state she didn’t realize she was in. She was surrounded by the remains of the plane. Somehow she survived. She was bleeding from her arm and her head. She thought nothing of it though; she bled all the time anyway. She blinked a few times and looked around. Dead bodies lay all over the ground. She was confused and frankly pretty darn frightened. She began to run. She ran for the remainder of the sun-lit day and stopped as the dark surrounded her. She looked up at the sky. “Whoa” she said looking at the glittering night sky. She wasn’t in peace for very long though. “AROOOOO” She heard.
“Who-Who is there?” She asked turning in a circle looking around. She heard the noise a second time. Then she heard footsteps.
Glowing eyes looked at her through the trees. The creature licked its lips getting ready for his meal. Once again Sydney began to run. But when she took her first step the beast lunged scratching her leg. She continued running. Twiggs snapped under her feet as she ran through the dark forest. The temperature began to drop and the winds began to speed up. She dared a glance back at the wolf. Its eyes cold as ice, and its grin shining like diamonds. She tripped over a root because she was not paying attention to what was ahead of her. The forest floor was hard and covered in pine needles. “Why does this keep happening to me?” She wondered aloud, throwing away the thought of happiness. Her heart was beating faster than the winning horse running at the Kentucky Darby. This must be the end. A high pitched whistle made the wolf run away. Maybe this isn’t the end of Sydney’s story after all. “Need some help? A boy’s voice asked. Sydney couldn’t think of anything to say. So she kept silent.

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