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By Anonymous

     It was hard to accept, but the dreaded day had finally arrived. I still remember the tears welling up in my six-year-old sister’s eyes as she looked around the empty closet in wonder. The space once filled with his clothes now held only loneliness and sorrow. This little child had come to the realization that her father was gone. He had left us, and there was simply no way to reverse it.

Being the oldest of four girls has never been easy, but with the departure of our father, our world and dreams were shattered beyond repair. My mother, the most amazingly warm-hearted person in the world, has worked harder than anyone should simply to mend our broken household. However, long hours at work often prevented her from physically being there in our times of need. This is where I have stepped up as the temporary caretaker of my three small sisters.

Many students write college essays about their leadership positions in school and the community, but I feel that my greatest accomplishment is the role I have played within my own family.

Senior year in high school is not simple for anyone, especially when it feels like the entire world is resting on your shoulders, but this is how I have felt for the past two years. I have continually tried to fulfill the dream my mother holds for my future. My mother was not able to complete her college education, and so this success is her top priority for her children.

A leader is defined as one who has influence on others. I hope that my leadership affects the lives of my sisters and everyone around me. In dedicating myself to my family and school, I have set goals that I will do anything to accomplish. I am an extremely determined individual, and your university will help me take the next step in climbing the ladder of success.

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