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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

November 4, 2007
By Anonymous

My heart rate increases and the sweat drips on the purple and white uniforms. The team no longer became visable. I take a sharp left turn, look around, and pause, only to notice that no one is near. I am lost. I reverse to see other team mates following.

"Wrong way, I guess," I say nonchalantly. They all groan and curse under their short breaths.

Coach Locke records my time. 19:56. I am a failure.

Brutality struck when our senior leader instructed us to jog a twelve minute, one and a half mile cross country warm up. That imitation of the "fat girl" running behind the pack depicted in movies appeared true. Additionally, my nine minute mile splits felt worse. I told myself I would quit by the third week; I went to practice everyday for the rest of the season.

Summer 2007 marked a new beginning-- cross country conditioning. The team traded in sleep to better themselves and sacrificed joy for a few hours of agony. We met every morning and trained harder than before. However, I knew that in order to keep up, I would need to try. Eventually, as the summer wore on, my times decreased and I kept up with the fastest runners.

A year later, I run the same course. Except, I'm a more experienced and capable athlete. I hold my head high for those two elongated miles and I refuse to let anyone pass. The pain bolts through my legs but I do not mind. I finish with a smile on my face. 15:26. Eighth overall. Perfect; a spot on varsity.

I've struggled throughout the past year to achieve the best time possible. I've PRed(personal record) countless times, I've tolerated numerous asthma attacks, and I ran
Rim Rock (the hardest cross country course in Kansas). I've survived it all. I've achieved it all, I've endured it all, I've won it all.

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