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MLB ཅ The Show Review for PSP

March 18, 2009
By Eric Wright BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
Eric Wright BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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MLB ཅ The Show is a baseball video game made by Sony Computer Entertainment for the past three seasons on the Play Station Portable video game console. When this game came out a week and a half ago, it was the best selling baseball game on the market. It looked interesting being a 'realistic' baseball game on the market. Over the years it beat 2k sports with MLB 2K6, 2K7, 2K8, and there is no telling with the soon to be released MLB 2K9. I have 2K7 and 2K8 for PSP, and I like 2k Sports.

The day that I bought it I was hoping I got my forty bucks worth. When I played the game I saw it had a season Mode (with a 4 game Season- 162 game season) plus it includes Spring Training, with any of the thirty teams in Major League Baseball teams that include the New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Nationals (any club, or team you are fan of). I did the Rockies Spring Training/ Season Mode, because I am a huge Rockies fan. This game also includes Quick Play, Manager Mode, Home Run Derby, and Create Players.

Overall, this is a really good game. I would rate this 10 out of 10. I still like 2k sports, but I was pleased with this game when I bought it. This is a really good game!!!

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LC_3 said...
on Oct. 21 2009 at 10:17 am
Yo, my cuz got that game and its mad dope. I played it and now tht u did a good job explaining it, I wanna buy it