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January 30, 2009
By Randy Wolf BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Randy Wolf BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Crisis: Warhead
The game crisis warhead is a both multiplayer and single player game. It is about the attack on base 3-20 and it lost contact with the people. Then on January fourth 2020 they leave and go to that island where they learn that the Aztec Koreans have already staged themselves at their bases where you have to shoot them down and kill all of them. It is so real cause you can blow things up and it has the best graphics on a X P S with the NVIDIA sound and graphics system and it also run good on due core computers that has 2 of the hard drives the bigger the better. If you shoot the man in the head their hat flies off and the blood flies out of their head. That when they die. You can play on four different levels and can play as a enemy sneaking a shot on the true enemy. You have many different checkpoints in the game and if you die you restart as for from the checkpoint and if you have anything less than a 500 giabite it will take a little bit longer to load. In fact it could take a whole hour for that game to load if you haven't loaded it before. The game itself is fairly long. It has various guns and grenades and it is viable air and land, which is very good. I would give it a rating of . I would suggest this game to anybody who loves war or hates peace. The kind of people who like war and hatred instead. It is rated M for mature audiences only.

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