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America's Army 2 Review

March 13, 2009
By UrShiningDesire BRONZE, Madison, New Hampshire
UrShiningDesire BRONZE, Madison, New Hampshire
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America's Army is a really cool first person shooter that was designed, developed, and published by the US Army. America's Army is free. You can download it off the America's Army website. If you are an active serviceman or veteran, you can get a special tag next to your name in servers that shows your branch and rank.

The graphics on America's Army are pretty much standard, meaning that they're not spectacular. Some of the textures are kinda flat, and the gun barrels show through the walls. The minimum requirements to play are a 128 megabyte graphics card and 512mb of RAM. I would recommend at least a 256 megabyte graphics card and 1 gig of RAM. You can change the quality of the graphics and it will give you smoother gameplay.

America's Army has some good gameplay with a good variety of maps and weather. As with any other FPS, it's going to be hard at first, then it gets really easy. After getting shot over and over again for 2 weeks, I finally got the hang of it. Your weapon is the standard M-16, but it still has good firing capability and damage. If you go through sniper training, you can be the sniper in your squad. It's the same with the SAW full automatic.

Online play is the biggest aspect of America's Army, so there was a lot of time put into it. Most of the servers are dedicated, which means they run full time. You have to remember not to shoot your team mates because they will get hurt and you might go to Army Jail and they actually suspend you for 24 hours. The main rank system used is honor. If you do bad things, like shoot your team mates, you lose honor. If you do good things like keep the VIP safe, you get honor. This decides if you can get into servers, because some have different honor requirements.

Overall, I like this game, but sometimes it can get kinda hard. This is a cool game with lots of action and real aspects.

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