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February 24, 2009
By jared archey BRONZE, Westminster, California
jared archey BRONZE, Westminster, California
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Fable is a great fantasy game that is based off things people do in real life. As you progress through the campaign more options become available, but you don't even need to go along with the story to have fun. The story is about how a king named Lucien shoots your sister because he thinks she is a 'hero' of the old Algion, which is the fable world. A hero is someone who mainly knows Lucien's objective is to destroy Algion. That happens when you're a child but you grow up living a gypsy life.

The point of the game is to find the three hero's who can help you to destroy the weapon that will blow up Albion called the spire. Throughout the story you get choices to do the good or evil thing like deciding if someone can live or die, or be pure or corrupt by making villagers pay extra or less rent for properties. There are also two religions, shadow worshipping and light worship, you can choose who to side with and go to war with them until their temple is finally destroyed.

If you're a family man you can get a villager to fall in love with you, buy her a ring, and get married. If you want kids you just need to ask your wife. If you're an adventurer you can go on an insane amount of side quests and do tournaments to get trophies and prizes. If your low on money there is a good amount of jobs ranged from bartender, blacksmith, woodcutter, bounty hunter, assassin, and much more. When you make enough money you can settle down and buy your house. If your rich enough you can buy a royal castle or a giant tower.

Overall this game is great for all categories of fun. If I needed to rate this game on a scale of 1-10 I would give it ten out of ten. I highly recommend this game to all fantasy lovers. But its rated M for mature so get a parents permission if your under seventeen, but most of all have fun.

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