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By Tony Hammons BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Tony Hammons BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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NBA 2K9 is the most realistic basketball video game I have ever played. The developers have managed to capture all of the little details found in a real NBA game into an entertaining videogame. The gameplay is more of a simulation, rather than an arcade style found in NBA Live, a competing basketball video game series. The most remarkable part of NBA 2K9 is that the developers have managed to recreate the signature styles of every NBA player, from their shots to their after play reactions. NBA 2K9 is not just a pretty game though; it also features numerous features, such as a dunk contest, three point shootout, and the Association 2.0 mode. The Association 2.0 mode is where a player can take control of an NBA franchise and try to bring them to the finals. NBA 2K9 does a fairly good job of simulating trades that other teams make and what a team might try and do to win a championship. In the end NBA 2K9 does an excellent job of simulating a real NBA game and I would recommend it to any video game fan.

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