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Everybody Hates Chris

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

If you have always wanted to be the only black kid in your school and want to see a person’s perspective for it then show is for you. This show can be viewed on Monday nights at 8:00 on the CW. Everybody hates Chris is an awesome show because the acting is funny, they use realistic situations, and the characters are hilarious actors and actresses.

This shows plot keeps my interest because everything they say keeps you laughing. The adult humor is so funny and keeps you wondering what they’ll say next. One entertaining problem was when Chris’s dad gives Chris some lucky socks to wear for the day because all of Chris’s socks are dirty. This show also keeps my interest because it keeps you wondering what they’ll do next.

The characters are so hilarious because they have wildly different opinions. Chris is so funny because his facial expressions are really funny and look very expressions. He looks like a real person with real problems and he really expresses himself when he’s angry, sad, happy, and confused. His mom is hilarious because everything she says is sarcastic but serious, if that makes sense. Well her body language is so realistic, because when she is frustrated and when she’s happy she lets everyone in the house know.

Acting is another big thing that makes this show off the charts. Tyler john Williams plays Chris rock as a teenager. He expresses how Chris felt while he was growing up. The way the acting is so amazing, is because they never break character. When Chris is at school, as the only black kid, his teacher is always underestimating black people. For example: she says things like “Chris, where you come from…” and “your people eat collard greens….” She talks to him in a very demeaning way.

Once again, this show is well worth your time with isn’t hilarious acting, realistic characters, and plot that will have you laughing and crying. The CW should air this show three times a week instead of once a week because it will be good for the show and the people who watch and it will give other people a chance to see it. If you watch this show you won’t regret it.

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