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The Office

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

It’s a Thursday night, and my stomach starts to growl. It’s not due to hunger for food, but for my favorite sitcom on the air, “The Office.” It takes place at Dunder Mifflin paper Supply Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The scene is usually in an office setting, and provides information of how people truly act inside an office building. There is a different theme every week, and new challenges for the characters to face or overcome. This show airs each Thursday night at 9:00 on NBC. “The Office” is undoubtedly worth watching because of the show’s unique plot, the one of a kind characters, and the amusing dialogue provided by the writers.

The plot of this show is definitely unique. The humor is based mainly on awkward dialogue and actions. In one episode known as “Diversity Day,” the characters each get an index card put on their forehead, so that they can’t see it. On these cards is a race, and everyone is trying to get the person to guess the race on their card. On Dwight’s card is the race Chinese, and Pam is giving him a hint to guess his race. She says, “Okay. If I have to do this based on stereotypes that are totally untrue, that I do not agree with, you might not be a very good driver.” Dwight replies with a witty, “Aw man! I’m a woman!” This shows how humorous and light “The Office” truly is.

The characters of this show are definitely one of a kind. The characters are hilarious, original, but yet realistic. The characters include Jim, a nice guy with a great sense of humor and one of the few “normal” people of this show, and Pam, a sweet and down-to-Earth woman. Some others include Dwight, an abnormal, off beat suck up who has no evident problems starting up an awkward conversation, or Michael, the racist, offensive boss who just happens to be Dwight’s idol. There are so many more people in this remarkable cast; each is different from the next. One humorous interaction between characters, includes one also from the episode “Diversity Day,” includes Dwight coming up to Pam who has “Jewish” on her index card, and saying, “Shalom! I would like to apply for a loan!” Pam replies, “That’s nice Dwight.” This shows just how superb the acting is.

The writing of the show “The Office” is brilliant, as well as amusing. Also, in the episode mentioned before, Kevin is trying to help Angela, the arrogant, uptight, snob guess her race, which is Jamaican. This is how the conversation goes:

“Kevin starts with, “Do you want to go to the beach?”

“Sure.” Angela replies.

Kevin asks, “Do you want to get high?”

“No.” Angela says defensively.

“I think you do, mon!” Kevin says with a smile.

The characters play off each other so well and the writing only adds to the amusement. Usually the funniest thing that could be said at that moment is said by one of the characters. The writing couldn’t be funnier.

As you watch “The Office,” you will absolutely enjoy the original plot, winning cast, and the humorous writing. Catch this amazing show on Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC. Watch “The Office” and you will definitely NOT be disappointed.

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