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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

You better check into this hospital, it could probably save your life. Scrubs a sitcom that comes on Comedy Central at 7:00, that’s channel 107 for satellite and channel 43 if you have cable. Scrubs is a hilarious show, it has a unique setting and different setting, almost each has a good theme, and the jokes featured in the show are funny and appropriate.

Scrubs has a unique setting…it’s a hospital. Most shows that have hospital as their setting are drama shows. Examples of shows that are dramas that have a hospital as their setting are House and E.R. But Scrubs is a comedy with a hospital as a setting. Hospitals are actually funny places, take away all of the dying and sickness. It shows how the doctors mess up occasionally and how the nurses gossip. And you don’t have to know all of the terms doctors use. The setting is more of a hang out for the characters more than anything.

Scrubs has a very good theme. Almost in each episode has a good theme. They are theme that you can use in your daily life. One example of a theme they used in a show was “Nothing in this world that you can enjoy is free, you have to sacrifice to earn it”. Also the themes are appropriate.

The jokes that are used in Scrubs are funny and appropriate for most viewers. Through out each episode of Scrubs the characters say something that is effectively tied into the theme to make the show less boring. Here’s an example Carla: “I know you my mom doesn’t like you, but you should learn to like her” Turk: “We should put a computer chip in her brain to make her like me”, then J.D thinks of Carla’s mom being a robot. Next Carla is mad a walks away. That was just an example of of the many jokes in Scrubs.

Scrubs with its, unique setting, good themes, and its funny jokes, is a good show. I highly recommend this show to viewers who want a good laugh. So pick up that remote and turn it on to scrubs.

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