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September 17, 2010
By Mehmeh SILVER, Bethesda, Maryland
Mehmeh SILVER, Bethesda, Maryland
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Over time, American movie-goers have become obsessed with the idea of a vigilante; someone who punishes lawbreakers by themselves rather than relying on legal authorities. When this person is described, the mind automatically jumps to Batman or Clint Eastwood. But what if the vigilante was not a hero? What if they had their own motives behind their work?

This is the idea behind Showtime’s award-winning series “Dexter,” a drama about a seemingly mild-mannered man who moonlights as a serial killer. Set in Florida, the show follows Dexter Morgan, a forensics specialist with the Miami Metro Police Department who uses his spare time to hunt down “the one who got away.” In this case, however, that special someone is a criminal who got away with murder, at least until Dexter found out.

Emmy nominee Michael C. Hall flawlessly plays the delightfully twisted Dexter, a man haunted by the forgotten childhood (that he unintentionally blocked out) that he is left emotionally scarred and permanently isolated. Forced to pretend that he does not have a constant urge for murder, Dexter interacts with his adoptive sister Debra (played by the fantastically crass Jennifer Carpenter), a cop who is trying to prove her worth against their father’s immaculate precedent, and Rita (Julie Benz), Dexter’s sweet but damaged girlfriend who is trying to raise her two children while avoiding her abusive ex-husband.

Based on Jeff Lindsay’s novel “Darkly Dreaming Dexter,” the show expertly creates the perfect blend of ironic comedy and nail biting thrills by mixing Dexter’s witty and caring daytime personality with the dark and disturbing voiceover commentary from his murderous alter ego. Because of the excellent writing and the actors’ stellar performances, the viewers are shocked to find that they are sympathetic with a serial killer, and are forced to ask themselves just how thin the line is between good and evil.

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Mehmeh SILVER said...
on Sep. 28 2010 at 4:44 pm
Mehmeh SILVER, Bethesda, Maryland
5 articles 0 photos 18 comments

Gee thanks, Ruch!

PS. Watch the show

Ruthia said...
on Sep. 28 2010 at 12:17 pm
Sarquanzia! This is great. I forget you're smart sometimes...