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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Ever wanted to visit the hospital at 7:30 p.m.? Well if you’d tune into Comedy Central you’re sure to get that and more. The hit comedy Scrubs has a hilarious story line and amazing real hospital like set. The show was originally owned to be viewed on Comedy Central at 7:30 and 8 p.m., but has now branched out to a few other stations. The show Scrubs is worth 30 minutes of your time because its meaningful plot makes for hilarious problems, for its outstanding cast and main characters, and it’s easy to relate to theme.

The plot of Scrubs is about an everyday young adult training to become a full time doctor. Besides work, the young man, J.D., has to cope with his problems at home that always seem to follow him to the hospital. Normally, in every episode J.D. ends up having some problem or conflict that relates to his patients or work. The story line of Scrubs is very entertaining and is sure to keep your interest.

Scrubs main reasons for its success is its great cast. The characters of this sitcom are funny as they are believable. For example, character J.D., the lovable goof trying to find himself, Elliott, the cute bubbly blonde, Turk, the overly confident best friend of J.D. , and his wife Lila, the mother figure of the gang. And they all conveniently work at the same hospital. Some other key characters are the hard headed Dr.Cox that may seem to have it all together but is always putting his co-workers down. Lastly is the frumpy janitor who seems to be slightly insane. The wonderful mixture of each characters personality thrown into every episodes script makes for a side splitting 30 minutes.

The theme of Scrubs is real life related. It comes off to be that life is hard at times and you need to just take it day by day, and to learn from your mistakes. Doctor or not, I’m sure that you could learn from some of J.D.’s mistakes for he has a few of them that he tends to make that you might find your self making one day.

At the end of the day Scrubs should be what you’re watching. A time to enjoy great humor, wonderful characters, and a simple life lesson that you might even be able to relate to. I highly recommend viewing the sitcom Scrubs for many laughs and a lesson J.D. won’t let you forget.

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