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December 17, 2008
By Anonymous


“I am now releasing the fourth hunter.” Saturday night I remember hearing this come from the television. The show Chase was on. This show is about how people play a real live “board game.” Want to win a game? Well if you do, the object of the game is to stay in with out being tagged. Also, you need to be the first to get to the end.

Chase is an interesting show. Hunters are released one by one during an hour. Red and blue are the two colors for the teams. At the beginning of the game the teams are given a mission. The groups have to work together to try to be the first to win the mission. At the end of the mission if your team one you receive an object. The objects were like lifesavers. During the game, you can win object that will help you win the game. For example, these objects can send the hunter in a different direction or make you invisible. If during the game you are tagged you lose the money you have earned and are out of the game. Game over! Watch this show to see exactly what will happen.

On the episode, I was watching there were several people who I thought would win. Groups of two or three people teamed up and used their objects together to try to win. Two people put on their invisible glasses and then took off before, their time was up. If the glasses come off before the time is used, you lose the time you had. Another object you could have earned in the show was a sonic boomer. Sonic boomers cause the hunter to stay still or frozen for three minutes. Teaming up was a good idea until the end. At the end of the show, a group of two was very close to the ending point. Since the two people were toward the ending point, they began to run as fast as they could. Finally, the girl made it to the end first and won the game.

As I flipped trough the channels I thought I should watch this new show. When I began watching Chase I thought, “This is really funny, what these people are doing. People on the show were freaking out. During the show I kept laughing because people were falling over and trying to run. In this show there is only one thing I do not like and that is the way the cameras are going back and forth.

To conclude, Chase is a great show. Every time a new hunter is released I feel the pain for the players. Also, I get even more anxious to see who will win. Chase is a show I would recommend to people who like the show-amazing race. Another group of people I recommend this show is to people who like game shows. Sit down, and, relax, and enjoy the show!

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